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Posted by IndustrySelect
Used by over 40,000 sales & marketing professionals at small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike to generate millions in new business, IndustrySelect is the most trusted sales platform on the market today. Discover what sets IndustrySelect apart.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The B2B marketplace is almost unrecognizable. Spurred by the pandemic, sales are rapidly evolving, making it imperative for you to keep up with the changing landscape. Even before the pandemic, B2B buying was becoming increasingly digital.

Gartner reports that customers spend only 17% of their time face-to-face with sales teams. Worse, that 17% covers all suppliers. Sellers share that small slice with their competitors.

Strong sales depend on gaining back access to decision-makers. That means using new techniques and strategies. Fortunately, you can find help from sales and marketing experts. The B2B sales books highlighted here will guide you toward success in the new sales world.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The Covid-19 pandemic caused a slowdown in the supply chain for some industries, but the inorganic chemicals industry has seen an uptick. Over the last year, jobs in the inorganic sector increased by 1.45%, from 88,272 to 89,555.

Much of this growth stems from a higher reliance on imported materials. In fact, the United States now imports 25% of its inorganic materials.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Want to do business with Washington manufacturers? This infographic provides key facts and statistics on the state of Washington. Explore top cities, number of companies and jobs, executive counts, and more, based on exclusive data collected by MNI.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Washington State is not only home to the world's largest manufacturer in terms of volume, but also is among the most attractive states to do business. In 2017, CNBC ranked the state as #1 in the U.S. for its business conditions and the state ranked 2nd in the U.S. in 2018. Washington's diverse manufacturing landscape features major names in aerospace, food processing, electronics and medical device manufacturing.

Today, we are exploring Washington's innovative manufacturing sector and exploring the largest industrial companies operating in the state.

Posted by IndustrySelect
It's no secret that customer retention tends to cost a lot less than new customer acquisition. However, not every organization has a strong customer retention strategy in place.

From boosting revenues to unlocking loyalty, a business-to-business (B2B) customer retention program can support company-wide goals and become a cornerstone for customer success.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Interested in Iowa manufacturing? This infographic provides the latest trends on Iowa's manufacturing sector. Discover top cities, number of companies and jobs, executive counts, and more, based on exclusive data collected by MNI.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Looking to do business in Iowa? Having a deep understanding of the state's manufacturing climate can help when it comes to talking to Iowa manufacturers. Today, we�re exploring some key facts and insights on Iowa manufacturing and providing information on the ten largest factories in the state.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Trade shows and live events are tremendous opportunities for marketers to learn more about industry providers. Not only are key personnel from large enterprises presenting, but you can actually see the products and services different companies offer firsthand. For marketing and sales professionals, this level of immersion allows you to speak with authority when working with these companies.

Posted by IndustrySelect
Customer experience is everything. It's a significant differentiator for B2B sellers, and it's one of the keys to unlocking loyalty.

However, understanding how the experiences you offer shape the way buyers make decisions can be challenging. As a B2B marketer, you need to use a customer journey map to visualize this aspect of the buying process.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Want to do business with North Carolina manufacturers? This infographic provides key facts and statistics on the state of North Carolina useful for industrial sales and marketing professionals. Explore top cities, number of companies and jobs, executive counts, and more, based on exclusive data collected by MNI.
Posted by IndustrySelect
With its skilled labor pool, low business costs and abundance of shovel-ready sites, North Carolina has wide-ranging appeal for manufacturers. In 2020, a number of new enterprises set up shup in the Tar Heel State, including Eli Lily's plans to establish a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Durham County and the establishment of digital fabricator Symmetrix in Statesville.

Today, we're focusing on the latest trends in North Carolina's industrial sector and exploring the state's ten largest manufacturing companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
The service machinery sector is incredibly varied. From beverage dispensers to professional cleaning systems, these products meet a wide range of needs. Get to know some of the top service machinery companies in the U.S.
Posted by IndustrySelect
U.S. manufacturers are starting out 2022 with a bang, unveiling multiple new operations across seven states. This month, we saw several companies in the building materials industry break ground, while a new announcement by Intel is poised to help secure the semiconductor supply chain for years to come.

Let's explore the new U.S. manufacturing companies announced this month.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Want to do business with New Jersey manufacturers? Explore the latest facts and statistics on manufacturers in New Jersey including top cities, number of companies and jobs, executive counts, and more, based on exclusive data collected by MNI.
Posted by IndustrySelect
New Jersey may have the nickname "Garden State," but it's also a manufacturing stronghold. Various industries, such as medical, technology, automotive, electronics and chemical take advantage of the state's unique location.

With access to international shipping ports and airports, and a strong interstate system, New Jersey is ideally located for importing and exporting. Let's take a closer look at some of the fastest-growing companies in New Jersey and the reasons for its success.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Are you currently working with the U.S. manufacturing market? If not, why not?

Manufacturing is an often-overlooked sector. That oversight could cost your company significant sales. The nearly 400,000 manufacturing companies in the United States have tremendous buying power.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Statistics on email marketing abound on the web and the data overwhelmingly suggests that as the highest ROI digital channel, email marketing is still the most effective way to drive traffic and conversions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and transformed the way we communicate, email marketing has become even more relevant. Today, we're diving into specific stats on email marketing as we set sail into 2022.

According to Campaign Monitor's Email Marketing Benchmarks: COVID-19 edition, more people were opening email during the pandemic than ever before. Other key takeaways from that report found email sends were up 19% from February 2020 to March 2020 and a 20% increase in open rates in March and April of 2020, compared to the same two months in 2019. This follows Campaign Monitor�s 2019 Year in Review, which reports that email marketing in 2019 yielded a 4200% ROI or $42 for every dollar spent.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Explore the latest facts and statistics on manufacturers in Illinois, including plant and employment numbers, top cities, and executive counts, based on exclusive data collected by MNI. Discover how many Illinois manufacturers import raw materials, what percentage distribute products internationally, how many are publicly-owned and more in this infographic.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Illinois is a major manufacturing hub, home to 15,902 industrial companies, making it a top state to keep on your radar. Today, we're going to delve into the most recent trends on Illinois' rich and varied manufacturing sector and explore some of the state's top companies.

Posted by IndustrySelect
It's the beginning of a new year and time to anticipate the B2B sales and marketing trends that will shape 2022. While some of these trends have defined the B2B landscape for years, there are some significant shifts to plan for. Explore 2022's biggest trends, including the latest in account-based marketing, third-party cookies, the B2B buyer's journey and more.
Posted by IndustrySelect
This infographic provides a visual overview of the latest key facts and statistics on South Dakota's manufacturing sector, including top industry, city, executive, ownership and distribution statistics based on data collected by MNI. South Dakota's tax climate ranks among the best in the U.S and has a strong manufacturing economy. The state's abundant natural resources attract a wide range of agricultural and food processing enterprises. Yet, it is also home to some big names in medical device manufacturing, wood products, packaging and more.
Posted by IndustrySelect
South Dakota's tax climate ranks among the best in the U.S and has a strong manufacturing economy. The state's abundant natural resources attract a wide range of agricultural and food processing enterprises. Yet, it is also home to some big names in medical device manufacturing, wood products, packaging and more.

Let's take a look at the latest facts on South Dakota's industrial sector and explore the state's ten largest companies.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Our customers know MNI's industrial B2B data is the most accurate in the industry and many have wondered: how do we do it? Over the course of our 100+-year history, we've perfected a system that delivers high-quality, comprehensive company profiles to our customers. Today, we're presenting a new infographic that visualizes how company data is collected and perfected by real people for unmatched accuracy. Take a look!
Posted by IndustrySelect
Known for its rock-solid infrastructure and business-friendly environment, the state of Nevada is a top destination for manufacturers. The Silver State is famous for its massive mining operations, but it is also home to an eclectic range of companies, including gaming technology manufacturers and the world's first Gigafactory.

This article will explore the latest facts on the state's industrial sector and getting to know the top manufacturing companies in Nevada.
Posted by IndustrySelect
U.S. manufacturers are closing out the year strong, with a number of new and expanded facilities announced this month. The EV market continues to heat up, with three major multi-billion enterprises unveiled in December, while new operations in furniture, building products, plastics and more were announced.

Let's explore some of the most exciting announcements made this month in manufacturing.

Posted by IndustrySelect
As manufacturing companies scrambled to adjust to greater and greater challenges, our most popular stories on IndustrySelect for 2021 reflected the efforts of sales, marketing and business development professionals to stay abreast of new developments, improve communications with their valuable manufacturing clients, and discover new opportunities.

Posted by IndustrySelect
With a robust economy, abundant capital funding, an educated workforce, and sharp focus on technology and innovation, Minnesota has a lot to offer manufacturers. According to CNBC�s Best States for Business list, the state of Minnesota ranks 7th in the nation for business conditions, scoring an "A" for technology and innovation, and an "A+" for education.

Today, we're exploring the latest statistics on Minnesota's robust manufacturing sector and diving into the ten largest manufacturing companies in the state.
Posted by IndustrySelect
In sales, a good starting point is often to understand what your industrial prospects' needs are. By asking the right questions, you can establish a dialogue and recommend the best solution for a shorter sales cycle and a better B2B buying experience.
Posted by IndustrySelect
Have you bought a new car lately? How about a new cell phone, toothbrush, or thermostat? Have you noticed that the price of most electronics has skyrocketed? Some of the increase can be blamed on inflation. But most of it comes from a wafer-thin silicon chip engraved with coding that is many times thinner than a strand of hair � a semiconductor.

So why doesn�t the U.S. simply produce more chips? The answer is not simple, but it boils down to time and money. At the moment, China tops the list of semiconductor manufacturers. This situation is bad for U.S. manufacturers that rely on semiconductors. It is bad for national security. And it is costly for consumers who end up paying more for an electric toothbrush.
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