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Purchasing or renting an email list can be stressful. There are many bad lists out there that have been compiled through unscrupulous methods. Using these lists can get your mail server blocked, accounts suspended, and tarnish your reputation. Our pledge is to be fully transparent regarding our processes and the results you should expect. It is impossible to guarantee perfection when it comes to executive email addresses, but we go above and beyond the typical data provider to deliver the best possible, most stress-free experience.

How do you obtain email addresses for the executives in your database?

We utilize various manual research processes such as live research calls (we make over 3 million calls annually), online profile updates, updates sent in via email/mail/fax, customer submissions, and reviewing publicly available data sources such as the companyís website/brochure, business/SEC filings, press releases, domain registrations, social media profiles, etc. Additionally, if a new executive is added and we have an email address for existing executives, we may try the same format as the others to see if it is valid.

How often are email addresses verified for deliverability?

Executive email addresses are triple verified when initially obtained and then every 6 months thereafter.

How are email addresses verified for deliverability?

Executive email addresses pass through up to three verification checks to ensure the highest possible deliverability rate. First, they are processed through a service called Never Bounce which returns one of three statuses: Valid, Invalid, or Catchall. "Valid" means an explicit response was received from the recipientís mail server confirming the email address is deliverable. "Invalid" means an explicit response was received confirming the email address is undeliverable. These email addresses are immediately removed from our database. "Catchall" means the mail server would not confirm whether the email address is good or bad. Most "Catchall" email addresses are deliverable but require an additional check.

All "Catchall" email addresses are processed through an additional service called Email Checker. The email addresses are re-validated to confirm their status as "Catchall." If any are found to be valid or invalid on this subsequent validation, action is taken accordingly. Those confirmed to be "Catchall" pass through a third process using Email Checkerís proprietary system to attempt to verify their deliverability. It is impossible to achieve perfection, but Email Checker is successful at removing approximately half of the undeliverable "Catchall" email addresses. This significantly reduces the number of hard bounces you will receive.

As an additional verification check, many of our customers will share their hard bounce lists with us. These can easily be reported using the bounce email bulk submission form. As customers report bounced emails, we use this data to further improve the deliverability for other customers.

The result of these processes is a deliverability rate that is unmatched by any other data provider in the industry. Never Bounce and Email Checker are highly reputable and independent 3rd party services trusted by companies like Door Dash, Uber, Indeed, Dell, Yelp, Quicken Loans, and Seagate.

Can you guarantee deliverability?

We cannot guarantee 100% deliverability. Bounce rates can fluctuate based on many factors, such as executive turnover and challenges verifying "Catchall" email addresses (explained above), as well as other factors that are beyond our control such as a temporarily full or offline mailbox, the reputation of the sending mail server, the volume of email sent, and the content of your email and subject line (all of which can impact spam filters and blocklists). Bounce rates also vary by industry and company size due to varying turnover rates.

Executives in our database turn over at an average of 3% per month. This means that as many as 18% of executives can change jobs in between our 6-month email verifications (plus company mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, and name changes). Combine this with the fact that not all "Catchall" email addresses can be verified, and it is impossible for any data provider to claim 100% deliverability.

To be completely safe, we factor in an extreme 25% bounce rate when calculating pricing, so technically you are not paying for undeliverable email addresses. Since data updates are made in real time, we welcome you to re-download the data every few months at no cost with an active subscription for the very latest changes.

Are the executive email addresses in your database opt-in?

Executives in our database have not "opted in" to receive email nor have they undergone any sort of "opt out" processing. Any emails you send are considered unsolicited. However, this is completely permissible under the CAN-SPAM Act. You simply must include a method for the recipient to opt out of future email and honor those requests within 10 days. There are other provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act that we recommend you familiarize yourself with, as well as looking into any other local laws in your area. Out of respect for the executives listed in our database, we do put restrictions on how often you can email them. Limiting the amount of email they receive helps keep attention rates high and complaint rates low.

How can I send out bulk email?

If you have your own corporate email (SMTP) server, you should be set to go. If you do not have a system in place to send bulk email, this is important. Most email service providers, such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, SendGrid, and even CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, typically prohibit the importing of purchased email lists. They only allow you to import your own customers and prospects with an existing business relationship. Using purchased lists with these services may get your account suspended. Fortunately, we have partnered with reputable email service providers that do permit the importing of purchased email lists. We recommend sending out your "cold" solicitations through one of these services, and then only adding those recipients that reply, visit your website, call you, or otherwise express interest to your CRM or email prospecting database.

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