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Top 9 Industrial Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, March 29, 2021

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The U.S. has historically housed a robust industrial machine manufacturing industry, and that hasn't changed heading in 2021. While the Asia-Pacific region holds around 48% of the current industrial machine manufacturing market, the U.S. boasts another 20%, marking it as a standout - even when butted up against superpowers such as China. Currently the sector is valued at $223.6 billion in 2021 and its market growth size in 2021 is pegged at 10.4% over 2020.

High steel prices, along with global shortages of steel and continuing tariffs, however, are currently impacting industrial machinery manufacturers

According to MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect, there are currently 45,676 industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers operating in the U.S. Together, they employ 1.6 million workers nationally, making it among the largest manufacturing industries in the nation.

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The U.S. Midwest is home to the largest share of industrial machinery manufacturers, at 38%. This is followed by the U.S. South with 28%. The East Coast accounts for 18% industrial machinery companies, while the Pacific/Mountain region is home to 17%.

12% of industrial machinery manufacturers import raw materials, while 37% distribute their products internationally.

This article will take a look at the largest industrial machinery manufacturers in the U.S.

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Top 9 Industrial Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.

CompanyCityState Employees
FCA US, LLCAuburn HillsMI15,000
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Div.CraneIN5,000
John Deere Waterloo WorksWaterlooIA4,200
General Motors Global Propulsion SystemsPontiacMI4,000
Rolls-Royce Corp.IndianapolisIN4,000
Lancer Corp.San AntonioTX3,858
GE Power Electronics, Inc.SchenectadyNY3,740
Honda Of America Mfg., Inc., Anna Engine Plt.AnnaOH3,500
GE Power Electronics, Inc.GreenvilleSC3,400

About the Top U.S. Industrial Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.


Fiat and Chrysler are some of the most notable names in the automotive industry, so seeing FCA here shouldn't be a surprise.

From functional automobiles to luxury designs, FCA has something for everyone.

Automotive manufacturers such as FCA will invest heavily in digital applications like self-driving technology in 2020.

FCA US, LLC employs 15,000 at its Auburn Hills location, and employs 94,000 in North America. The company boasts 12 R&D Centers and 35 plants in the region. 


2. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Div.

Located in Crane, Indiana, the Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center focuses on naval prototypes, electronic systems and special warfare weapons and employs 5,000 military and civilian employees at its 123,000 square-foot facility.


3. John Deere Waterloo Works

John Deere in Waterloo is a major manufacturer of tractor transmissions, axles, gears, OEM components, chassis parts & tractor assembly.

With annual sales of $100 million and 4,200 employees, the Waterloo facility is a major hub in the Midwest.


4. General Motors Global Propulsion Systems

Located in Pontiac, Michigan, General Motors Global Propulsion Systems divisional headquarters is heavily invested in engine development. Its 4,000 employees work on 4, 6 & 8 cylinder gas & diesel engines. Work on automatic and manual transmission prototypes for automotive, marine & industrial OEMs are also completed at this facility.


5. Rolls-Royce Corp.

For many, the name Rolls-Royce brings to mind luxury cars, but this innovative company reaches far beyond the luxury car market –most notable in its recent production of an all-electric airplane. At its Indianapolis location, Rolls-Royce’s 4,000 employees focus on turbine engines that serve the civil & defense aerospace markets as well as marine and energy markets


6. Lancer Corp.

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Lancer Corp produces beverage dispensing equipment. Established more than 50 years ago, Lancer has grown to employ 3,858 at its San Antonio location. With $125 million in sales, Lancer mostly distributes internationally. They were purchased by Hoshizaki Corp in 2006 and is now a subsidiary of Hoshizaki.


7. GE Power Electronics, Inc.

Based on Schenectady, NY, this divisional headquarters for GE focuses on producing industrial and utility steam turbines. Its 3,740 employees also focus on generators and storage batteries.


8. Honda Of America Mfg., Inc., Anna Engine Plt.

Anna, OH is home to Honda’s major automotive engine plant, employing 3,200. Honda announced plans in the summer of 2019 to invest $15 Million to expand the Anna facility, adding on 74,374 square-feet of manufacturing space.


9. GE Power Electronics, Inc.

GE Power tops the list with another facility in Greenville, South Carolina. Employing another 3,400, this 150,000 square-foot GE plant focuses on gas turbines like its sister plant in Schenectady, but serves the energy industry and various infrastructure projects.


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Editor's note: This article was originally published in January 2020. It has been updated to reflect the latest statistics and trends in the industry. 

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