EZ Select is now called IndustrySelect

You may have heard the news that EZ Select has changed its name to IndustrySelect. Nothing has changed with functionality, features, pricing, or subscriptions. Your login and password are the same. Everything is identical except the name and URL, www.industryselect.com. If you'd like to know why, please read on.

The EZ Select name dates back to the 1990's when MNI introduced a CD-ROM product called OmniDisk that allowed customers to access the data from the print directory (e.g. Illinois Manufacturers Directory) on their PC. While OmniDisk was powerful, it had a steep learning curve. Many customers asked for something simpler, and EZ Select was developed in response. EZ Select was a simple CD-ROM product that was the "EZ" way to access the data from the directory and was much "EZier" to use than OmniDisk.

A lot has changed in the past two decades. EZ Select is so much more than when it was a CD-ROM product. It is a digital sales platform for the PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphone. Today MNI works with thousands of customers who have no history with the book or CD-ROM. So the "EZ" in EZ Select is not as relevant as it once was. To customers who discover MNI for the first time, the name EZ Select has little significance or meaning, and is sometimes even confusing (if we had a dollar for every time we heard "is it easyselect.com?").

With that, we are excited to re-brand EZ Select as IndustrySelect. IndustrySelect's mission is unchanged: to help sales, marketing, and business development professionals select and qualify the very best industrial leads from MNI's database of nearly a half million industrial businesses and one million executives. Our commitment to compiling the world's most accurate and comprehensive industrial database is stronger than ever, with recent investments in new technology that allow us to find new companies and make updates to existing companies faster than ever before.

Thank you for your continued business,

Scott Kartsounes
Chief Technoloy Officer