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North American Cannabis Industry Business Database

The industry's first-ever business database profiling companies and decision makers in the North American cannabis industry. With access to this fresh new data, you can start doing business in the well-funded, rapidly growing cannabis industry. Types of businesses profiled include:

“In the burgeoning Cannabis industry it can be challenging to find the contact info for potential customers. The North American Cannabis Industry Database provides a great service that works and is a fantastic tool for any business or service provider looking to sell into the Cannabis vertical. I have found that the data is current, the user interface is simple and the options they offer are reasonably priced.”
5 Star Review
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12-Month Subscription Companies Executives Basic Plus Standard Premium
North American Cannabis Industry Businesses 11,631 14,924 $421 $821 $1,203 $2,347
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The quantity of companies and executives may fluctuate over the course of your 12-month subscription based on current data.

The one-time annual cost includes 12-month single-user access to the data. Additional users may be added at a discounted rate. Subscriptions do not auto-renew.

Before you order, there's a few things you should know. With Cannabis still being illegal in some states and for security reasons, many companies are protective of their location and individuals involved with their organization. So unlike our typical company profiles, some companies in this database do not list their address, phone number, and/or executive names. Many just have an email address or website URL. We want you to be aware of these limitations.

Do you own a business in the cannabis industry? Submit your free listing to be included in the database.

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“IndustrySelect worked great - quick and easy! The fields were laid out nicely and made uploading to my CRM smooth and efficient. Very nice product!”
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