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How to Respond to B2B Prospects Who Say They Need to Do More Research

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, June 15, 2021



Common Objections in B2B Sales & How to Overcome Them: Part 6

The typical buying journey has changed over the past few years. B2B prospects and decision-makers increasingly belong to the millennial generation. They prefer doing research on their own before speaking with a salesperson. Self-directed research on the internet accounts for 27% of the B2B buying journey, while offline research represents 18%. So, it should come as no surprise that you'll often encounter B2B prospects who say they need to do more research.

Are prospects being genuine with this objection? Let’s look at the real reasons behind this phrase and how you can respond without alienating your B2B prospects.

Why do B2B Prospects Say They Want to Do More Research?

Firstly, prospects typically contact vendors late in their buying journey and use digital resources for self-directed research. It’s unlikely that they actually need any more research once there is an interaction with a salesperson.

However, using research as an objection can camouflage another issue the prospect feels they can’t be open about. It’s possible that the prospect is using this objection because they don’t trust you yet.

Another possible issue is that you might be rushing things. B2B prospects who say they need to do more research sometimes want to back out from the situation without cutting ties with you.

By bringing up research, the prospect might be actually saying that they need a better reason to make a decision. They can see the benefits of what you offer, but they’re still on the fence because they’re not sure if they’ll get the results they’re looking for.

In addition, your B2B prospects may be talking on behalf of a decision-making team. This means they might need more facts and data to convince the other decision-makers.

Lastly, they might bring up research as a way of buying time to analyze the different proposals they have. They might be reluctant to bring up other vendors they’ve been in touch with. Many B2B prospects do this to compare quotes and weigh the different options available to them.

How Do You Respond to B2B Prospects Who Say They Need to do More Research

A common theme is a lack of trust. However, justifying yourself and asking the prospect to trust you isn’t the right way to respond. Instead, you need to establish yourself as a trustworthy partner by focusing on transparency and expertise.

A good strategy you can use is to ask the prospect what would happen once they complete their research. Is the prospect going to make a decision once they get answers to their questions? Your goal is to get a commitment from the prospect. If you can’t get past that hurdle, it’s time to accept that the prospect is looking for a way to let you down easily.

Once you get a commitment, continue asking questions and find out what it would take from the prospect to work with you. You’ll learn the truth and find out what their actual concern is. It should help you formulate a personalized answer.

For example, you might find out that the prospect wants concrete proof that your product will help them solve a pain point. In that case, offer to give them that information by sharing data, testimonials or referrals. Similarly, discussing your refund policy can be a smart strategy if the prospect is hesitant because they’re worried about the financial implications of the purchase.

Furthermore, 80% of B2B leaders believe that omnichannel sales methods are better than traditional techniques. If needed, redirect the prospect to another channel where they’ll get what they need to make a decision and get them to commit to speaking with you again once they have reviewed the additional content you have identified to answer their concerns.

Dealing with objections is a part of the sales process, but you can improve the outcome of your B2B lead-nurturing process by engaging with the right people. It will be easier to get a prospect to make a commitment if your solution is the right fit for their needs.

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