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Top 10 Largest Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers in the US

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

printed circuit board


Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are everywhere. Indeed, from cars to appliances, there is a huge demand for these components. In spite of supply chain issues during COVID-19, printed circuit board manufacturers have a bright future.

Know Your Market

There is a high global demand for PCBs. In fact, this market could reach $69.4 billion by 2024. Consumer products are playing an important part in driving the demand.

However, PCBs aren't limited to phones and appliances. Manufacturers are also making products for the communication and medical sectors. They're changing the aerospace and automotive industries too.

Soon, the Internet of Things and the 5G market will create more opportunities for this industry. Also, PCB makers are using technology to offer new services. With AI-assisted design, they can create customized PCBs and components. With 3D printing, it's possible to create prototypes and small runs in a cost-effective manner. And some manufacturers now offer end-to-end solutions that include designing and testing PCBs.

Additionally, a recent study from MNI revealed some interesting insights. Since last year, job creation went up by 0.81% in this industry, with current average sales of nearly $36.5 billion.

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Almost a third of PCB manufacturers import raw materials. This is a higher percentage compared to US manufacturing as a whole (only 11%). Demand is high on a global level too. As a result, 41% of printed circuit board manufacturers sell their products in other countries compared to only 29% of the manufacturing sector as a whole.

You’ll find 38% of these businesses concentrated in the Western US. Distribution is somewhat even across the other regions.

Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

Top CompaniesCityState Number of Employees
Flex Ltd.AustinTX2,000
Mentor Graphics Corp.WilsonvilleOR1,100
TTM Technologies, Inc.Chippewa FallsWI887
Rockwell Collins, Inc.CoralvilleIA800
IEC Electronics Corp.NewarkNY740
Benchmark Electronics, Inc., Minnesota Div. WinonaMN650
Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missiles OrlandoOcalaFL600
Magna Electronics Technology, Inc.HollyMI600
TTM Technologies, Inc.Forest GroveOR580
Advanced Circuits, Inc.AuroraCO500

About the Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

1. Flex, Ltd. Located in Austin, TX, Flex is the largest US-based PCB manufacturer with 2,000 employees. This business makes PCBs for the automotive market. You'll also find solutions for cloud computing and medical equipment. Flex is a leader in 5G adoption.

2. Siemens EDA. This PCB manufacturer has 1,100 employees. Siemens EDA is located in Wilsonville, OR. This manufacturer uses electronic design automation tools to solve complex issues. Integrated circuits are another area of specialization.

3. TTM Technologies, Inc.This Chippewa Falls, WI, company has a total of 887 employees. TTM Technologies is known for fast production and high-volume runs. This company designs PCBs for different industries. It also makes components for small appliances.

4. Rockwell Collins, Inc. Rockwell Collins is a PCB supplier for the aerospace industry. This Coralville, IA, company has worked on defense projects. Its 800 employees also have experience in the infrastructure sector.

5. IEC Electronics Corp.Located in Newark, NY, IEC Electronics Corp. has 740 employees. As one of the printed circuit board manufacturers focused on solving complicated supply chain issues, this facility works with full system assemblies and complex electronics.

6. Benchmark Electronics, Inc., Minnesota Div. Winona. The Winona, MN, division of Benchmark Electronics, Inc. has 650 employees. They make PCBs for the defense industry. They also focus on data centers and the medical sector. Besides designing PCBs, this company offers testing and integration.

7. Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missiles Orlando, Ocala Opers. This Ocala, FL, facility operates with 600 employees. Lockheed Martin provides advanced solutions for aircraft. You'll also find PCBs for maritime systems and defense projects. The manufacturer is even working on a vertical lift system that could change how aircraft take off.

8. Magna Electronics Technology, Inc. Magna Electronics Technology, Inc. specializes in products for the automotive industry. Its 600 employees can design entire vehicles at this Holly, MI, location. They also work on components for power and vision systems.

9. TTM Technologies, Inc. TTM Technologies, Inc. operates another facility in Forest Grove, OR, with 580 employees. This manufacturer designs PCBs for the computing and medical sectors, just to mention a few.

10. Advanced Circuits, Inc.This Aurora, CO, manufacturer and its 500 employees specialize in small runs. They offer fast turnarounds on standard and custom PCBs. Advanced Circuits also has a program to make prototypes accessible to engineering students.

Selling to U.S. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

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