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Top U.S. Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, October 30, 2020

a welder works on a large sheet of metal


Sheet metal fabrication is not new, but it is newsworthy. As the world races to create a vaccine to fight COVID-19, part of the solution has been in existence for thousands of years. The same virus that can live for several days on plastic lasts only four hours on copper surfaces[i].

Hundreds of antimicrobial copper alloys are recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as able to kill harmful bacteria. If used in hospitals, HVAC systems and other high volume areas of potential contact, antimicrobial copper alloys could help control the spread of many diseases until a vaccine or a cure can be found.

Not to be outdone, another metal alloy – steel – is playing a large role in COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

From mechanical tubing for hospital equipment to face shield production and even the thin metal strips that allow face masks to contour[ii], the steel sheet metal industry lends a durable hand in keeping healthcare workers and the general public safe.

Technological Advances

Manufacturing in general, and the sheet metal industry specifically, rely heavily on technology[iii]. The same digital transformation that has overtaken other industries makes the sheet metal industry more cutting-edge as well.

The Defense Production Act

With COVID-19 dominating the headlines and the manufacturing floor, sheet metal manufacturers can benefit from having a seat at the table[iv]. Vendors who are able to assist sheet metal manufacturers in participating in the DPA have a leg up on competitors.


Many industries, including the sheet metal industry, actively work towards a sustainable business model[v]. As consumers grow weary of a disposable economy and concerns grow regarding the industry’s impact on the environment, manufacturers turn towards parts that can be reused, replaced and recycled.

Top Nine U.S. Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies

Top CompaniesCityState Number of Employees
RK Mechanical, Inc.DenverCO1,400
Hill Phoenix, Case Div.Colonial HeightsVA1,200
Fabricated Duct SystemsBrooklyn ParkMN1,100
Metalcraft Of Mayville, Inc.MayvilleWI850
AnomaticNew AlbanyOH800
JAC Products, Inc.SalineMI775
Multi-Craft Contractors, Inc.SpringdaleAR750
Crenlo Cab Products, Inc.RochesterMN700

About the Top U.S. Sheet Metal Fabricators

TD Industries, based in Dallas, Texas, employs 1,500 individuals. Not just a construction company, TDIndustries focuses on facilities services and life cycle management. The company relies heavily on technology and sustainable products.

RK Mechanical, Inc specializes in HVAC systems that create a healthier indoor environment, reducing the spread of harmful pathogens such as COVID-19. The Denver, Colorado-based company’s 1,400 employees focus on commercial construction, including incorporating health-conscious amenities such as portable handwashing machines for a holistic, healthy building.

Hill Phoenix, Case Div. focuses on sustainability in the refrigeration industry. Colonial Heights, Virginia supplies this company’s 1,200 employees. A key provider of refrigerated display cases and commercial refrigeration systems, Hill Phoenix assists clients in reducing their carbon footprint with new equipment or retrofitting existing equipment.

Fabricated Duct Systems, located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, works with piping and plumbing, sheet metal, and specialty architectural items. The company’s 1,100 employees appreciate the integrated technologies that enable them to provide quick turnaround on orders large and small.

Metalcraft Of Mayville, Inc., and its 850 employees call Mayville, Wisconsin home. From engineering services to a state-of-the-art manufacturing center, Metalcraft offers rapid prototyping as part of its full spectrum of metalworking services.

Anomatic, based in New Albany, Ohio, designs, manufactures and finishes customizable and sustainable packaging solutions. Anomatic and its 800 employees are mindful of the environmental impact its operations have on the community and the world. Its aluminum products are completely recyclable with zero degradation.

JAC Products, Inc, manufactures award-winning roof racks and cargo management systems. This 775-person sheet metal industry company in Saline, Michigan provides custom engineering services and technical consulting with each system.

Multi-Craft Contractors, Inc. in Springdale, Arizona offers a full-spectrum metal fabricating experience to its clients. The company’s 750 employees take care of everything from research and development to fabrication to transportation and logistics. Its advanced sourcing methods ensure that the client’s sustainability values are met in the final product.

Crenlo Cab Products, Inc., prides itself in using the latest metal fabrication equipment, including robotics, to provide a safe work environment for its 700 employees in Rochester, Minnesota. The engineers work directly with the manufacturers to meet and exceed client expectations.

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