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Top Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Power and transmission equipment manufacturers are highly-specialized businesses that produce moving parts used in machinery and vehicles.

Most of these manufacturers create parts that support critical industrial production, so they are deemed "essential" and are thus still up and running amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Sector Overview

MNI, compiler and publisher of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect, reports there are 239 US-based companies that manufacture power transmission equipment. This sector employs nearly 15,000 people and has seen a job growth of 0.21% over the past year.

Sales have also increased by 0.05% over the past year, which is slightly higher than the average growth rate of 0.03% for all manufacturers.

With 41% of manufacturers prioritizing domestic distribution and 59% focusing on international distribution, the power transmission equipment sector is supporting industries, infrastructure and economic growth in the US and around the world.

Top 10 Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturers

Here are the ten largest manufacturers that specialize in producing power transmission equipment.

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
Oerlikon Fairfield Mfg.LafayetteIN650
Gates Corp.DenverCO500
Gates Corp.VersaillesMO450
Weasler Engineering, Inc.West BendWI350
ZF AftermarketVernon HillsIL350
ABB, Inc.GreenvilleSC300
Dana Holding Corp.PottstownPA300
Lovejoy, Inc.Downers GroveIL290
FAG Schaeffler Group USA, Inc.JoplinMO283
Diamond Chain Co.IndianapolisIN275

About the Top 10 Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturers

Oerlikon Fairfield Mfg.

Located in Lafayette, IN, Oerlikon Fairfield Mfg. is the largest power transmission equipment manufacturer in the country with 650 employees.

This manufacturer is known for quality products and customized solutions like custom gears and drives adapted to the needs of different industries.

They also handle the production of larger components like carriers and spindles for drive systems.

Gates Corp. (Denver, CO)

Gates Corp. is an innovative company that specializes in power transmission products and fluid power transmission solutions.

This manufacturer offers products for different sectors, including agriculture, automotive, construction, food and beverage, mining, oil and gas, and more.

Denver is home to the company's headquarters and largest plant with 500 employees.

Gates Corp. (Versailles, MO)

Gates Corp. has more than 120 locations worldwide. Its second largest US-based plant is located in Versailles, MO, and employs 450 people.

This plant produces hydraulic couplings, hose assemblies and tubing, all products that are a part of the company's catalog of hydraulic transmission products.

Weasler Engineering, Inc.

Located in West Bend, WI, Weasler Engineering, Inc. is a manufacturer that delivers unparalleled expertise in the agricultural sector. Its 350 employees specialize in producing drive systems that meet the different standards of the US and European markets.

These products also have applications in the lawn and marine sectors.

ZF Aftermarket

ZF Aftermarket is a Vernon Hills, IL, manufacturer that delivers a large selection of parts for cars, trucks, motorcycles and more.

ZF Aftermarket and its 350 employees make transmissions, axles, chassis parts, shocks and brakes that meet the quality requirements of the automotive industry. This manufacturer also offers solutions for the rail, agricultural, construction and marine sectors.

ABB, Inc.

Greenville, SC, is home to ABB, Inc. and its 300 workers. They operate a plant and R&D facility where new products are developed.

ABB, Inc. offers mechanical power transmission products, but they also have a wide product catalog that includes robotics, motors, electric grid components, metallurgy products, software and more.

Dana Holding Corp.

Dana Holding Corp. has been making parts for the automotive industry for more than 100 years. Located in Pottstown, PA, this manufacturer employs 300 people and has taken an innovative approach to making aftermarket parts for commercial vehicles and electrified mobility systems.

Lovejoy, Inc.

Lovejoy, Inc. offers a wide range of couplings, joints, variable speed drives, hydraulic components and more.

This manufacturer is located in Downers Grove, IL, and has 290 employees. The parts produced are used by wastewater treatment plants, paper manufacturers, the steel industry and the marine sector, among others.

FAG Schaeffler Group USA, Inc.

This Shaeffler Group location is a plant with 283 employees. Located in Joplin, MO, this plant specializes in making ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roll bearings for the automotive and industrial sectors.

Diamond Chain Co.

Diamond Chain Co. is an Indianapolis, IN, plant with 275 employees that produces conveyor chains. This manufacturer offers products that stand out thanks to their reliability and precision as well as custom options to meet the needs of the manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and oil and gas industries.

Contacting Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturers

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