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The Top Industrial Sales and Marketing Stories of 2023

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Top Industrial Sales and Marketing Stories of 2023

In the midst of the myriad challenges faced by U.S. manufacturers in 2023, from inflation concerns and labor shortages to softening demand and more, the most-read sales and marketing stories on IndustrySelect this year mirrored the efforts of industrial sales and marketing professionals to proactively navigate new developments and evolving requirements, enhance communication with their valued manufacturing clients, and unearth new opportunities in this dynamic industry.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the most popular industrial sales and marketing stories of the year, as well as the most popular industries and regions as sales, marketing, business development and research professionals turned to IndustrySelect for exclusives insights into the industrial landscape in 2023.

The 10 Most Popular Industrial Sales and Marketing Stories of 2023

10: Five Crucial Tips for Selling to Multiple Decision-Makers

Selling B2B products and services to the U.S. manufacturing industry has become increasingly challenging due to the presence of multiple decision-makers within organizations and the numerous hurtles that this dynamic sector is currently facing. Ranking #10 among IndustrySelect’s sales and marketing stories, this post explores effective strategies for B2B sales professionals to navigate the complexities of engaging with multiple decision-makers and increase their chances of success in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Read the story

9. Eight Questions for Determining the Needs of Your Industrial B2B Prospects

Industrial sales and marketing is a complex and challenging field that requires a deep understanding of the customer's needs, preferences, and decision-making process. You have to deal with long sales cycles, high competition, changing customer expectations, and evolving digital channels. What is a salesperson to do? This post explores smart questions to your B2B prospects to help you understand their pain points, goals, preferences, and decision criteria. Read the story

8. Appointment Setting: 4 Reasons for a Low Conversion Rate

A low conversion rate can spell disaster for your industrial company's appointment setting strategy. You may reach out to hundreds of prospects in a given month, only to land few or no appointments. Ranking eighth this year among IndustrySelect’s sales and marketing article, this post covers the top 4 reasons why your conversion rate might be low and how you can remedy the situation going forward. Read the story

7. Nine Goal-Crushing Q3 Sales Strategies for B2B

Sales and marketing professionals were keenly interested in Q3 this year, as the spring and summer months can bring several seasonal obstacles to sales. This article explores some tips and tricks for defeating the summer slump and getting the most out of Q3. Read the story

6. Hot Tips for Crushing Your Q4 Sales Targets

While Q3 strategies were important to sales and marketing professionals this year, Q4 strategies were even more critical with our hot tips for crushing Q4 targets ranking sixth this year. This concluding stretch of the year presents distinctive challenges and opportunities, rendering it a season of profound importance for those in the sales arena. Achieving success in Q4 requires a combination of preparedness, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the evolving dynamics that characterize this pivotal period. Read the story

5. Navigating the Path to Success: Mastering the Art of Appointment Setting in Industrial Sales

Appointment-setting was a popular topic this year as companies sought to lock in new opportunities in 2023 and beyond. Appointment-setting holds immense importance in the creation of sales leads and the augmentation of revenue. This strategic approach proves to be influential in facilitating connections between businesses and prospective clients, fostering relationships, and streamlining the sales process effectively. Yet, within the industrial sector, appointment setting can demand a significant allocation of resources. This article delves into various appointment setting approaches that can empower sales teams to refine their sales pipeline and optimize success. Read the story

4. 117 Email Marketing Statistics Every B2B Marketer Should Know in 2023

As the highest ROI digital channel, marketers were keenly interested in topics surrounding email marketing this year. In this comprehensive post, we gathered 117 statistics from around the web on email marketing, including stats on timing your email campaigns, best times and days to email manufacturers, personalization, subject lines, automation, visuals, and more. Read the story

3. How Fluid Systems Reversed Sluggish Sales with Expert Partners

Who doesn’t love a good business success story? The familiar adage, 'It takes a village,' rings true in the scenario where John Rabon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, collaborated with MNI and SalesLeads to revitalize their lackluster sales performance. Fluid Systems, a supplier of equipment for mining, industrial operations, and oil & gas, found itself facing a decline in business. In response, the company sought the expertise of Mr. Rabon to right the ship. What happens next is truly an inspiring story of dedicated individuals and partners collaborating to set a course for success. This popular case study hit number 3 this year in our most popular sales and marketing stories. Read the story

2. Top Manufacturing Pain Points for 2023 and How You Can Help

Understanding your prospects’ challenges is crucial for prescriptive sales and marketing, but in the highly complex and dynamic world of manufacturing, grasping these many challenges is a challenge in and of itself. Ranking second in our most popular sales and marketing stories for 2023, this article on pain points in the manufacturing industry provides inside knowledge of the challenges manufacturers are facing, from labor concerns to interest rates and more. Updated each year for more up-to-date insights, this article remains a go-to for industrial salespeople to understand their prospects and determine how they can help. Read the story

1. Manufacturing Trade Shows To Attend in 2023

Participating in trade shows is a pivotal element for businesses seeking to thrive in today's competitive landscape. These events serve as dynamic platforms where industry professionals converge to showcase innovations, establish valuable connections, and stay abreast of emerging trends. As more and more industrial sales and marketing professionals looked to hit the road and make personal connections with their customers and prospects in 2023, this story ranked as our most popular on IndustrySelect this year. Read the story

The Most Popular Industrial Stories of 2023

5 Thirty-Seven Fun & Fascinating Manufacturing Facts to Share at the Holiday Table

Turn manufacturing into the surprising centerpiece of your holiday feast with this collection of 37 entertaining and intriguing manufacturing anecdotes. Whether it's peculiar Barbie trivia, the origins of bubble wrap, or the untold story of Velcro, these narratives are bound to captivate your guests. Read the story

4. Strange & Creepy Industrial Terms Explained

As we compile our weekly list of the most-searched industrial categories in the U.S. on IndustryNet, we encounter numerous enigmatic manufacturing terms. However, these terms are more captivating than daunting. Just in time for Halloween, we delve into some spooky industrial terminology that might send a shiver down your spine while also imparting fresh insights into the remarkable realm of manufacturing! Read the story

3. Key Facts on Women-Owned Manufacturers:(Infographic)

Women have played a key role in manufacturing throughout history and women-owned industrial companies continue to grow in numbers. In honor of women's history month, this infographic presents essential facts and statistics about women-owned manufacturing companies in the U.S. based on exclusive data collected by MNI. Gain insights into the number of women-owned companies across the nation, explore a geographic breakdown, and examine distribution statistics. This valuable information is derived from exclusive data meticulously collected by MNI, providing a comprehensive overview of the landscape of women-owned manufacturing enterprises in the United States. See the infographic

2. Why U.S. Manufacturing is a Growing Industry

Amidst the prevailing concerns about economic contraction and the impending threat of recession, one may question whether manufacturing is indeed a thriving industry. Not too long ago, the response might have been disheartening. Fortunately, the outlook for the U.S. manufacturing sector for the next decade is increasingly optimistic, dispelling the gloom and pointing towards a brighter future. Read the story

1. The Most In-Demand Industrial Products & Services in the U.S.

Racking up more than 80 shares, our weekly report of the most in-demand industrial products and services in the U.S. remains our top industrial news story. At MNI, where we not only furnish detailed profiles of 460,000 industrial businesses but also monitor the preferences of millions of industrial buyers, we offer insights into the equipment, parts, and services trending across 11,000 unique product and service categories on our industrial marketplace, IndustryNet. Read the story

The Most Popular Industry-Specific Stories of 2023

Drawing from MNI’s comprehensive data on 460,000 industrial companies, our industry-specific articles on industry trends and topic companies remain a go-to source for industrial sales, marketing, and research professionals looking for insights on specific industries. Here were our most popular industry-specific posts of the year.

1. Top Semiconductor Manufacturers in the U.S.

2. Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the U.S.

3. 10 Largest Glass Manufacturers in the U.S.

4. The Largest Textile Mills in the U.S.

5. Top 9 Meat Packing Plants in the U.S.

The Most Popular Regional Stories of 2023

MNI also publishes stories on industrial trends and statistics on all fifty states, providing exclusive insights for anyone looking to do business in a particular state. Here were our most popular state and regional posts of the year:

1. Top 10 U.S. States for Manufacturing

2. Top 10 Manufacturing Cities in the United States

3. Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in South Carolina

4. Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in California

5. Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in Texas

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