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Top 10 U.S. Electronic Components Manufacturers

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Top 10 Electronic Components Manufacturers in the U.S.A.

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The U.S. electronics components industry is a powerful market, with strong international distribution, and robust sales as industrial buyers look to source more components state side amid ongoing supply shortages. If you’re looking to sell or market to electronics components, MNI's data on the electronic components industry can help you get a handle on this lucrative market. Get the key facts on this growing sector and get to know the top electronics components manufacturers in the U.S.

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Key Facts and Statistics on the U.S. Electronics Components Manufacturing Industry

Currently, the U.S. electronic components industry encompasses 2,600 companies employing 209,430 workers, accounting for roughly 17% jobs in the electronics industry as a whole. Over the past year, employment in the sector has grown 1%.

The average annual sales for the U.S. electronics components industry is roughly $306 billion as of July 2022, up 1.2% over the year.

Manufacturers of electronic components show a slight edge in diversity. Women own 3% of companies as compared to the 2% of U.S. manufacturing sector. Similarly, 12% of all companies in the electronics components sector are publicly-owned, compared to 5% in U.S. manufacturing companies at large. Electronics components companies also lead in minority ownership with 3% versus 1%.

Most strikingly, a much larger percentage of electronics components manufacturers distributes their products internationally. At 57% versus 27%, the international distribution of electronic components is nearly twice as high as that for all U.S. manufacturing.

Just over one-fourth (26%) of companies in this industry also import raw materials, compared to the 11% of U.S. manufacturing altogether.

The geographic distribution of electronic components manufacturers is as follows:

• Midwest 24%
• South 23%
• Northeast 25%
• West 28%

The Top 10 U.S. Electronic Components Manufacturers

Top CompaniesCityState Number of Employees
Northrop Grumman Aerospace International, Inc.Redondo BeachCA10,000
Northrop Grumman Corp.LinthicumMD8,000
Lockheed Martin Corp.MoorestownNJ4,500
Howard Industries, Inc.LaurelMS4,000
Raytheon Technologies Corp.AndoverMA4,000
Raytheon Technologies Corp.McKinneyTX3,000
Jabil Inc.St. PetersburgFL2,500
Raytheon Technologies Corp.RichardsonTX2,500
Southwire Co., LLCCarrolltonGA2,500
Baker Hughes Co.LufkinTX2,000

About The Top 10 U.S. Electronic Components Manufacturers

1. Northrop Grumman Aerospace International, Inc. Located near the Pacific Ocean in Redondo Beach, California, Northrop Grumman Aerospace International provides 10,000 jobs. It produces both electronic components and search and navigation equipment. The company is a leader in space, with customers like NASA, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Space Force.

2. Northrop Grumman Corp. Not far from the nation’s capital, at Northrop Grumman Corp. in Linthicum, Maryland, 8,000 employees work on aerospace and defense electronics. This facility serves as the headquarters for Missions Systems. It strives to provide advanced yet affordable solutions worldwide.

3. Lockheed Martin Corp. This company opened in Moorestown, New Jersey, in 1954. Originally a farm, the site went from an RCA manufacturing facility to a G.E. one. To mitigate solvents left behind by previous processing, Lockheed Martin partnered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Today, while employing 4,500 workers, the company is at the cutting edge of groundwater mitigation.

4. Howard Industries, Inc. This facility puts 4,000 people to work in Laurel, Mississippi. In the transformer sector, the company produces medium power transformers, electrical transformers, computers and lighting products. They also deal with trucking services. Its brands include Howard Industries, Howard Technology Solutions and Howard Lighting.

5. Raytheon Technologies Corp. In Andover, Massachusetts, a staff of 4,000 assemble credit cards, fabricate metal, and work on radar testing and missile systems. Raytheon Technologies recently underwent a merger, which is not expected to affect these employees.

6. Raytheon Technologies Corp. The Raytheon Technologies plant in McKinney, Texas, deals with electronic systems. This facility employs 3,000 people. In 2020, the McKinney manufacturing site earned Texas’s first Platinum Zero Waste certification.

7. Jabil Inc. The 2,500 employees at Jabil Inc. in St. Petersburg, Florida, produce electronics for a wide array of applications, including consumer, enterprise and healthcare. NYPRO and Green Point are both Jabil brands.

8. Raytheon Technologies Corp. At Raytheon Technologies in Richardson, Texas, the staff of 2,500 teams with the University of Texas in a technologies fellowships program to produce exceptional engineers.

9. Southwire Co., LLC. In Carrollton, Georgia, Southwire addresses a niche in the renewable energy industry. The 2,500 employees produce copper and aluminum building wire for solar power products.

10. Baker Hughes Co. The 2,000-person staff at Baker Hughes Co. in Lufkin, Texas, puts its efforts into more heavy-duty products. The company deals with power transmission equipment and industrial and marine gears.

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Editor's note: This article was originally published in February 2021. It has been updated to reflect new statistics and trends for the electronics components industry.

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