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Top U.S. Manufacturers of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, April 29, 2020



In the time of coronavirus, electric motor, generator and transformer manufacturers are among the many businesses deemed "critical" by the federal government, so their plants are generally up and running. This article will take a look at the top manufacturers in this sector.

As early as March, many states were under shelter-in-place orders.

Amid confusion about what was considered "essential," manufacturers stepped up and proved that they were essential on two fronts.

First, by March, much of the U.S. supply chain was expecting disruption due to the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in China.

Second, manufacturing is the backbone of the American economy and is ready to step up to the plate along with first responders.

Many factories are converting their workforces to make personal protective equipment and ventilators, and electric motor, generator and transformer manufacturers are ensuring that other vital industries remain up and running.

Industry Statistics

According to MNI, compiler of the 400,000 U.S. manufacturer profiles available through IndustrySelect, the number of jobs nationwide in the electric motors, generators and transformers industry has risen by 1.45%, from 77,153 one year ago to 78,268 now. These companies offer crucial support to the American supply chain by selling 58% of their product domestically.

Regionally, the Midwest and the South house most of these manufacturers, with 30% and 37% of the U.S. total respectively. The West and the Northeast contain far fewer electric motor, generator and transformer manufacturers, with 17% and 16% respectively.

Top 10 Manufacturers of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers

CompanyCityState Number of Employees
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.PullmanWA2,350
Caterpillar Inc., Electric Power Div.MossvilleIL2,000
Toshiba International Corp.HoustonTX2,000
Generac Power Systems, Inc.WaukeshaWI1,727
Ingersoll-Rand Co.DavidsonNC1,600
ABB, Inc.Fort SmithAR1,500
Orient Fan Co.Diamond BarCA1,300
Cummins Power Generation, Inc.FridleyMN1,100
Electric Research & Mfg. Co-OpDyersburgTN1,000
Moog, Inc., Components GroupBlacksburgVA1,000

About the Top 10 Manufacturers of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers

IndustrySelect notes that the following companies are the top 10 electric motor, generator and transformer manufacturers, ranked by number of employees.

1. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., located in Pullman, Wash., creates the technology that keeps the power on. The company's 2,350 employees are dedicated to providing reliable and safe power grids worldwide.

2. Caterpillar Inc., Electric Power Div., located in Mossville, Ill., employs 2,000 workers at this location. Nationwide, Caterpillar has pledged $10 million to fight COVID-19 worldwide. Nationally, the company is committed to providing equipment for other essential businesses, including hospitals.

3. Toshiba International Corp., located in Houston, Texas, contains four manufacturing plants. The company's 2,000 employees manufacture industrial motors, hybrid motors, motor controls and power electronics at its 1 million-square-foot plant.

4. Generac Power Systems, Inc., located in Waukesha, Wisc., employs 1,727 workers. For the past 60 years, Generac has produced home and commercial generators, energy management plans and emergency power solutions.

5. Ingersoll-Rand Co., located in Davidson, N.C., an industry leader for the past 160 years, employs 1,600 individuals dedicated to increasing industrial productivity and efficiency through supplies and services in the energy, vehicle and medical industries.

6. ABB, Inc., located in Fort Smith, Ark., designs, manufactures and services the equipment that powers the country. Its 1,500 employees work on industrial electric motors, generators and transmission products.

7. Orient Fan Co., located in Diamond Bar, Calif., manufactures medium and mini fan motors, employing 1,300 workers.

8. Cummins Power Generation, Inc., located in Fridley, Minn., provides generators and power systems to various industries such as agriculture, defense, and fire and emergency services. Its 1,100 workers have been working to provide N95 respirator masks to combat COVID-19. Nationally, Cummins provides grants to support families and children affected by the crisis.

9. Electric Research & Mfg. Co-Op, located in Dyersburg, Tenn., employs 1,000 workers. All of the company's transformers and components are made in the United States. ERMCO is one of the largest manufacturers of oil-filled distribution transformers in the U.S.

10. Moog, Inc., Components Group, located in Blacksburg, Va., has a workforce of 1,000 individuals and serves a variety of industries including defense, construction, industrial machinery and medical OEM. Moog produces motors, pumps, joints and controllers to assist with the national COVID-19 response.

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