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Top 9 Industrial Furnace & Oven Manufacturers in the US

Posted by IndustrySelect on Thursday, October 31, 2019



The industrial furnace and oven industry - just like most industries in 2019 - is experiencing both growth and escalating inter-industry competition among companies.

Globally, the industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% over the next five years, to a value of $15 billion by 2024.

Increasing demand for fabricated specialty and exotic metals is a primary driver for the industry. However, a potential global recession in 2020 could slow growth in the industry.

The U.S. industrial furnace and oven industry is not growing as quickly as the global industry that surrounds it. In 2016, it was worth $2.4 billion - a 7.05% year-over-year (YOY) decrease. The predicted CAGR for the industry is 2.2%, noticeably slower than the global CAGR.

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A variety of factors, including U.S. President Donald Trump's steel tariffs, are contributing to the slow growth of the industrial furnace and oven industry. However, the industry seems to have stagnated, and further declines are not currently predicted.

Today, we'll be covering the fastest-growing industrial furnace and oven manufacturers in the U.S. so you'll be informed about which companies are outpacing their competition.

Top Industrial Furnace & Oven Manufacturers in the U.S.

Zeeco, Inc.633Broken ArrowOK
Inductotherm Corp.300RancocasNJ
Backer Hotwatt, Inc.130DanversMA
Benko Products, Inc.101Sheffield VillageOH
Matthews Environmental Solutions100ApopkaFL
Catalytic Combustion Corporation90BloomerWI
Heat & Sensor Technologies, LLC88LebanonOH
Hix Corp.60PittsburgKS
Harrop Industries, Inc.50ColumbusOH
Hotfoil-EHS, Inc.40HamiltonNJ
Reliant Finishing Systems35SomervilleAL

About the Top U.S. Industrial Furance & Oven Manufacturers

1: Zeeco, Inc.

Currently, 633 employees call Zeeco's in Broken Arrow, Okla., worksite home. Zeeco specializes in combustion marine and offshore equipment. It manufactures products including boiler burners, flares, incinerators, thermal oxidizers and vapor combustion systems.

2: Inductotherm Corp.

Inductotherm Corp. houses 300 employees on-site in Rancocas, N.J. Inductotherm specializes in metal induction melting, holding, heating and induction furnaces. It also manufactures other metal-heating-oriented products.

3: Backer Hotwatt, Inc.

Backer Hotwatt's in Danvers, Mass., plant currently employs 130 workers. The company produces cartridge, air process and immersion heaters for a variety of markets.

4: Benko Products, Inc.

At Benko Products' worksite in Sheffield Village, Ohio, 101 employees are on-site. Benko produces walk-in and truck-in ovens as well as industrial furnaces for clients in the materials handling industry.

5: Matthews Environmental Solutions, Inc.

There are presently 100 employees at Matthews' in Apopka, Fla., plant. Matthews specializes in incineration equipment and furnaces for human and pet cremation and waste.

6: Catalytic Combustion Corporation

Catalytic Combustion currently employs 90 workers on-site in Bloomer, Wis. Catalytic Combustion uses patented technology to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by equipment in a variety of industries.

7: Heat & Sensor Technologies, LLC

Heat & Sensor Technologies' in Lebanon, Ohio, workplace is currently home to 88 employees. Heat & Sensor specializes in industrial band and strip heaters as well as thermocouples.

8: Hix Corp.

There are currently 60 workers employed at Hix Corp's in Pittsburg, Kan., plant. Hix Corp. produces heavy-duty industrial ovens and furnaces for the food industry, including dough and tortilla presses, conveyor and pizza ovens, warmers, grills and more.

9: Harrop Industries, Inc.

Fifty employees call Horrop's in Columbus, Ohio, worksite home. Harrop Industries produces industrial-quality kilns and dryers for ceramic products and components for thermal processing.

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