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Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in New York

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, December 13, 2019

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For those looking to do business with New York manufacturers, it helps to have a thorough understanding of the state’s manufacturing climate.  This article will explore some key statistics on New York’s manufacturing sector and provide a look at the state’s largest companies.

Key Statistics on New York Manufacturing Companies

New York is currently home to 14,285 manufacturers employing 667,885 workers. According to IndustrySelect's database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturing companies, there are 41,802 executive contacts among New York manufacturing companies, including 8,825 presidents, 3,509 owners and partners; 4,547 vice-presidents and 3,389 sales, marketing and purchasing executives.

Other facts to know about New York manufacturers, based on advanced criteria available to IndustrySelect subscribers:

• 0.96% of New York manufacturing companies have reported sales growth to IndustrySelect in the past year
• 3% of New York manufacturers have reported employment growth to IndustrySelect in the past year.
• 10% of New York manufacturers reporting sales or employment are located in New York City
• 1.9% of New York manufacturing companies are women-owned
• 0.77% are minority-owned
• 6.3% are publicly owned companies
• 13.6% import raw materials
• 29.8% distribute their products internationally

Over the past year, New York suffered a 1.7% loss in manufacturing jobs according to data collected by MNI, publisher and compiler of the industrial data that powers IndustrySelect. Losses were overwhelmingly led by the state’s industrial machinery sector, which posted a 7.4% decline.

Other industries shedding jobs included stone/clay/glass, down 2.5%; textiles/apparel, down 2.2%; and printing/publishing, down 1.4%.

Some manufacturing industries in New York added jobs over the past twelve months, including rubber plastics, which grew by nearly 6%; chemical processing, which added 2.7% to its workforce and fabricated metals, which grew 1.4%.

According to MNI data, 54% of New York manufacturing employment is centered in the New York City Metro Area, while the Western region of the state accounts for 25% of industrial jobs. Central New York accounts for 13.4%, while Upstate New York represents 7%.

New York City accounts for 136,191 jobs or about 20% of the state’s total. Manufacturing employment in New York City declined by roughly one percent over the past twelve months. Rochester accounts for 38,569 jobs, with no change recorded, which Buffalo is home to 22,649 workers, up 2.8%. Brooklyn accounts for 19,288 manufacturing jobs, though employment edged down 4.3% in the past year.

Next, we’ll take a look at the state’s top companies

Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in New York

Meredith Corp.6,000New YorkNY
Ernst & Young, LLP5,000New YorkNY
IBM Corp., Data Systems Div.5,000PoughkeepsieNY
Pfizer, Inc.4,500New YorkNY
GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc.4,000Hopewell JunctionNY
GE Power Electronics, Inc.3,740SchenectadyNY
L3Harris Technologies, Inc.3,400RochesterNY
GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc., Fab 83,000MaltaNY
Moog, Inc.3,000East AuroraNY
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3,000TarrytownNY
Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & Sensors2,625OwegoNY

About the Top 10 Manufacturing Companies in New York

1. Meredith Corp., New York, New York

Based in New York City, Meredith Corporation is major magazine publisher and media services company serving the pop culture, food, fashion and lifestyle verticals. Meredith has additional offices in Chicago and DesMoines.

2. Ernst & Young, LLP New York, NY

Ernst & Young is one of the world’s largest professional services firms specializing in mergers & acquisitions and capital market restructuring. This New York City location provides commercial printing, publishing & software for the tax & financial services industries.

3. IBM Corp., Data Systems Div. Poughkeepsie, NY

IBM’s Poughkeepsie location produces data processing equipment and multiple-chip computer moldules. This location made the news in 2019 when it established an additional facility on the site for the production of its next-generation mainframes used for a broad range of daily business operations applications.

4. Pfizer, Inc. New York, NY

Pfizer is among the world’s leading pharmaceutical giants, developing and producing a wide range of prescriptions and over-the-counter products. This location focuses on such well-known brands as Advil®, Robitussin®, ThermaCare® and Emergen-C®

5. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc., Fab 10 Hopewell Junction, NY

GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a multinational specialty semiconductor foundry integrating RF technology, silicon photonics, ASICs design systems and CMOS technologies. Fabrication plant #10 was recently sold to ON Semiconductor.

6. GE Power Electronics, Inc., Schenectady, NY

GE Power Electronics is a global leader in power generation technologies. This Schenectady GE location focuses on the manufacturer of steam turbines & generators as well as storage batteries.

7. L3Harris Technologies, Inc., Rochester, NY

L3Harris Technologies provides global technology solutions for the aerospace and defense industries, integrating innovations across an array of domains including air, land, sea, space and even cyber. Its Rochester location specializes in high-grade encryption devices, surveillance systems, and vehicular intercoms and control products.

8. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Inc., Fab 8 Malta, NY

As mentioned above GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a specialty semiconductor company. This facility in Malta focuses on the development of advanced technology and is capable of producing nodes as small as 14 nanometers.

9. Moog, Inc., East Aurora, NY 

Moog Inc is a U.S. manufacturer of precision motion control products and systems, with several divisions across the U.S. This location in East Aurora focuses on producing controls and components for electrohydraulic, aircraft and automated industrial machine applications.

10. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Tarrytown, NY

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a major multinational biotech company with locations in the U.S. and Europe. The company focuses on drug development processes and technology platforms. Its headquarters in Tarrytown focuses on development-stage drug trials.

Looking to Contact New York Manufacturers?

IndustrySelect’s database of 400,000 U.S. manufacturers is a top resource for both developing and researching sales leads in the manufacturing sector. If you're looking specifically to propect New York manufacturers, an IndustrySelect subscription can put you on a first-name basis with New York’s 15,000 industrial companies and 41,000 executives. Subscribers can select up to 30 data points on any manufacturing company in the U.S. to help identify or pre-qualify leads. Company profiles also include the contact information for hard-to-find executive decision-makers.

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