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New U.S. Manufacturing Plants Announced in February 2021

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Above: A worker at 84 Lumber, which has been expanding rapidly and announced a new truss plant in Virginia this month. Photo Credit: 84 Lumber

The U.S. manufacturing sector continues to show signs of strength in 2021. New orders and output continue to trend up, while more industrial buyers are looking for supplies closer to home.

In an encouraging sign for the U.S. manufacturing sector, we saw a number of new manufacturing plants opening in February 2021. Many of the new enterprises were in response to the pandemic, either producing critical supplies, or responding to new consumer demand.

Others were seen in the transportation equipment, food industry and cannabis. Today, we are going to explore the new manufacturing plants announced this busy month.

New COVID-Related Projects

Manufacturers continue to open up new facilities in order to produce critical supplies, treatments, vaccines and PPE in response to the ongoing pandemic. In February, we saw the establishment of a new COVID-test manufacturing facility in California. Quidel Corporation opened its new SARS rapid antigen test manufacturing plant in Carlsbad, CA. The new facility plans to hire 400 at the 128,000 square-foot facility and plans to produce 600 million tests per years for the detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 infections.

Meanwhile, in Prince William County, Virginia, Ceres Nanosciences announced last week it has completed its new 12,000 square foot Advanced Particle Manufacturing Plant, which will focus on innovative methods to improve diagnostic testing for COVID-19.

The new plant will generate a supply of Nanotrap® Magnetic Virus Particles, which improve diagnostic testing by eliminating the need for RNA extraction kits, as well as reducing sample processing time, according to a press release.

Manufacturers Step Up to Meet Demand Amid Pandemic

EnviroKlenz, an indoor air quality technology company established a new air purifier production plant in Topeka, Kansas.

The new 50,000 square-foot facility plans to employ 65 to help meet heightened demand for air purifiers. The plant will focus on producing high-end quality air purifiers for homes and businesses.

As demand for frozen food continues to skyrocket during the pandemic, Dole has opened its third frozen fruit processing facility in McDonough, Georgia.

The new state-of-the-art facility encompasses 60,00 square feet and can produce 60 million pounds of frozen fruit each year. The plant will eventually employ 100.

And with demand for lumber skyrocketing during the pandemic, 84 Lumber has opened yet another new truss plant, this time in Richmond, Virginia. Last year, we reported on the establishment of 84 Lumber’s new truss production facility in Mansfield, OH. The company has been expanding rapidly over the past few years, growing from 4 components plans in 2015 to 10 by the end of 2020. This most recent facility will manufacture wall panels, roof and floor trusses.

Innovation & High-Tech Dominate New Plant Openings

The state of Texas received some welcome news this month when Motorola Solutions announced the opening of its new 136,000 square foot video security and analytics manufacturing plant in Richardson, TX. The new facility will focus on manufacturing “critical, NDAA compliant safety and security video solutions on the doorstep of American public safety agencies and businesses,” according to John Kedzierski, senior VP at Motorola’s Video Security & Analytics division.

In Arizona, optical and imaging components manufacturer, Edmund Optics, announced it has opened its new Assembly and Advanced Design Facility in Tucson, Arizona.

This 21,225 square-foot plant is the company’s second in the state, and will support “advanced design efforts and high-volume manufacturing services,” according to a press release.

Meanwhile, in Alabama, auto supplier Valeo North America announced plans to establish a new manufacturing facility in Bessemer, AL. Valeo, based in France, is among the world’s top auto suppliers, and this new facility will further strengthen the state’s growing presence in the auto industry. The new plant will employ 70.

And in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Advanced Technology Recycling announced it had opened a new 30,000 square-foot manufacturing plant – one of the company’s largest recycling facilities in the nation. The new site brings electronics recycling to the area and will be the first in the region to offer International Traffic and Arms Regulations compliant destruction programs.

The Unstoppable Cannabis Industry

New cannabis operations have flourished in recent months as more and more states move toward legalization, and in February we came across this big announcement that Massachusetts-based cannabis testing company MCR Labs has opened it second laboratory in Allentown, PA. The facility is responsible for testing and assessing the potency and safety of cannabis and related products, similar to how food and drug safety testing.

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