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Most Popular Industrial Sales & Marketing Stories of 2022

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, December 21, 2022


As U.S. manufacturers scrambled to adjust to abundant challenges in 2022, from high prices to supply chain constraints and labor shortages, our most popular stories on IndustrySelect this year reflected the efforts of sales, marketing professionals to stay ahead of new developments and shifting needs, improve communications with their valuable manufacturing clients, and discover new opportunities.

IndustrySelect’s Top 10 Most Popular Industrial B2B Sales and Marketing Stories of 2022

10. Tips for Selling in a Downturn

As the climate shifts for manufacturers following months of supply chain constraints and historic demand, our 10th most popular story of the year dealt with the challenges of selling to manufacturers in a downturn—and the opportunities found therein. 

In this post, we tackle the economic climate for manufacturers at present and discover some expert tips, essential tools and growing opportunities for selling in a downturn.

Read the full post: Leveraging the Upside of a Downturn

9. Customer Retention Strategies in B2B

Our ninth most popular story of the year is our article on customer retention strategies. It’s no secret that customer retention tends to cost a lot less than new customer acquisition. From boosting revenue to unlocking loyalty, a business-to-business (B2B) customer retention program can support company-wide goals and become a cornerstone for customer success. Explore some key strategies for engaging and retaining customers in our quick-start guide!

Read the full post: Customer Retention Strategies in B2B

8. Pro Tips for Crafting the Perfect B2B Email Subject Line

As more and more marketers looked to level up their email marketing game, our eighth most popular story this year dealt with the holy grail of B2B emails: the subject line. With 47% of subscribers opening emails based on the subject line, it is essential to make your mark with a subject line with some punch. Get our 10 pro tips on crafting a surefire subject line for your next campaign.

Read the full post: 10 Pro Tips for Crafting the Perfect B2B Email Subject Line

7. Expert Guide to Overcoming Sales Objections

Not surprisingly, our expert guide to overcoming sales objections was also a popular story in 2022. As a salesperson you are often confronting resistance, especially in today's challenging and ever-changing industrial B2B environment. But objection does not always mean rejection. In fact, every sales objection contains an opportunity. Being prepared for some of the most common objections in sales is key to keeping the conversation going and moving towards a long-term partnership. Get started with our definitive guide to overcoming these common objections.

Read the full post: Expert Guide to Overcoming Sales Objections

6. Best Sales Openers in B2B

What could be more frustrating than a sudden dismissal when you've barely begun your pitch? To communicate your product's value, you need to keep your prospects on the line. To accomplish that purpose, you require an opener that will spark customers' interest and keep them engaged. Discover some of the best sales openers for B2B. Coming in at #6 is our story on the best sales openers for B2B.

Read the full post: Best Sales Openers for B2B & How to Use Them

5. Myth-Busting Statistics on Cold Calling Every Salesperson Should Know

Everyone hates a cold call, right? Common myths about cold calling abound, but the statistics tell a different story. Our fifth most popular story this year examines some real-world statistics and tips on cold calling that will get you ignoring the tall tales to close more sales in IndustrySelect’s fifth most popular story of 2022.

Read the full post: Myth-Busting Statistics on Cold Calling Every Salesperson Should Know

4. Strategies for Hitting Q4 Sales Targets

Each quarter, MNI provides expert strategies for making the most out of each quarter, and our post on hitting sales targets in the fourth quarter proved to be the most popular. In this post, learn the three reasons why Q4 is so important, what prospects are looking for in Q4, and the seven steps you can take to ensure you finish out the year strong. Bookmark this one for next year!

Read the full post: Hot Tips for Hitting Your Q4 Sales Targets

3. Best (& Worst) Days and Times to Email Manufacturers

There’s no shortage of advice on the best days and times to send a B2B email in general, but what about emailing to manufacturers, specifically?

At MNI, we email manufacturers a lot and in the process of improving our own rate of contact with manufacturers, we collected some data on what days of the week and times of day were best for emailing this segment. The results were surprising. And we thought: our customers might find this useful too! Level up your email game with these exclusive stats you can't find anywhere else.

Read the full post: Best Days and Times to Email Manufacturers

2. Email Marketing Statistics for B2B Success

Statistics on email marketing abound on the web and the data overwhelmingly suggests that as the highest ROI digital channel, email marketing is still the most effective way to drive traffic and conversions. Since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and transformed the way we communicate, email marketing has become even more relevant. Our second-most popular story of the year covers 101 statistics on email marketing that can help you boost your email campaigns in 2023.

Read the full post: Email Marketing Statistics for B2B Success

1. Products & Services Industrial Buyers Are Seeking

Each week, MNI takes a look at the most popular and trending searches on the industrial marketplace IndustryNet, providing sales and marketing professionals insight into what industries are experiencing growing interest. This exclusive data proved to be so popular that MNI expanded on this idea developed a new intent data feature for IndustrySelect users, encompassing buyer interest in a prospect’s products and services and buyer demand of more than 11,000 products and services as well as expert analysis on high demand products and services.

Read the full post: Products and Services Industrial Buyers Are Seeking

Other Top Stories of 2022

The IndustrySelect blog doesn’t stop at sales and marketing articles, but also delivers exclusive insights gleaned from MNI data to help salespeople and marketers leverage their know-how of the industrial world. From learning about a particular state’s manufacturing climate to exploring who’s who in a particular industry, IndustrySelect readers took full advantage of these resources this year.

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Our most popular industries of 2022

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Most popular IndustrySelect Announcements of 2022

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In 2022, we helped thousands of companies find new business and drive sales with IndustrySelect, the industrial database for sales, marketing, business development, recruiting, and research. Click here to learn more or start your free demo.


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