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How Marketers can Use Data to Find Manufacturers

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

100012_reachingMfgExecIn a digitized world, data is both the lifeblood and currency of business. Without quality data and a way to utilize it, every day becomes an uphill battle.

Making critical, informed decisions becomes exponentially easier when data is used to hone in on a course of action.

Reaching the right manufacturers means not just having the right information, but knowing what to do with it.

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Advances in automation technology can make this job easier, but there is still no substitute for humans when it comes to strategy and execution.

What follows is a short list of some of the benefits resulting from using data to find the right manufacturer.

Targeted Advertising

Advertising before big data was the equivalent of playing darts while blindfolded. Today, endless streams of information provide companies with the opportunity to hit a bull's-eye far more often.

No longer faced with simply hoping for useful conversions, marketers can zero in on their preferred users with measurable precision. Access to data allows the fine-tuning of specific demographic with multiple variables and stipulations.

This technology continues to evolve and now includes such varied datapoints as climate, place of work and even favorite foods.

All of these bits of data are combined to produce a portrait of the targeted customer and their particular needs and help deliver a customized message.

Semantic Search

Words have meaning, and now, searches can understand them better. Having to use boolean threads and keywords to search is contrary to how the average person thinks.

People think and speak like humans, not in binary yes/no formats. Thanks to machine learning and AI developments, computers have become somewhat smarter, and the use of semantic searches has begun to increase.

Incorporating this technology into search engines means that a user can enter conversational queries such as "I need to find someone who can build car parts for me." This is far more convenient than "Automotive component manufacturers within 20 miles of Akron, Ohio."

As a case study, Walmart began using semantic searches on their websites and realized a 10-15 percent increase in conversion almost overnight. Those figures are slated to rise with the continuing refinement of the technology.

Relevant Content

Blogging has moved beyond the realm of enthusiasts or budding writers and has become a viable method of not only advertising passively, but actively connecting potential customers with the provider.

If a marketer creates relevant content on a regular basis, they can draw in as well as educate customers who need their services. Additionally, if manufacturers create regular content, it helps marketers identify the particular sector they serve more accurately.

Creating this content on a regular basis is not always easy and can be challenging for companies not used to engaging in digital interaction.

But with such clear advantages, it is a worthwhile investment of time.

Conclusive Testing

Designing effective interfaces for websites allows people on different devices to have different experiences.

Gauging the benefits of all of the various social media platforms takes careful analysis of engagement and response.

Testing different aspects of these digital presences without algorithms can be long and tedious. Testing with the use of algorithms reduces the time commitment while returning higher detail and data.

Development of optimized interfaces and services can be based on these findings and in turn, deliver a better experience to diverse groups of users on a variety of platforms.

Personalized Marketing

A marketing campaign that is custom tailored to individual users has a higher chance of reaching them and directly speaking to their needs. This may include such actions as retargeting or the act of providing relevant information based on prior actions. For example, a customer who had custom wheels designed by a milling company may be shown information on local powder coaters.

Since it is a logical next step based on what was just completed, the algorithm would automatically suggest something appropriate.


Big data means that the days of looking at physical spreadsheets and graphs are over. The sheer amount of data to pore over and analyze means that the use of computers is mandatory.

Since the manufacturing industry does not stand still, its data has to be continuously monitored by multiple teams to get the most out of it. For example, the same set of data analyzed by different departments may suggest opposite courses of action.

Therefore coordination and teamwork are critical to getting the most out of the combined analysis.

Are you looking to obtain the most up-to-date information on manufacturers? Try a free demo of IndustrySelect today. We use all of the previously mentioned methods for analyzing big data, plus good old-fashioned human searching.

All of these methods combine to give you the best possible information on companies, industry trends and key personnel.


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