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How to Supercharge Your Account-Based Marketing with IndustrySelect

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, April 19, 2023



You might wonder how important account-based marketing (ABM) is for the industrial sector. ABM employs the experience of your company's sales and marketing professionals to create a specifically tailored experience for your targeted accounts. ABM is all about identifying your most promising contacts and aiming your message specifically at them.

By utilizing ABM, your company saves time and money. You'll no longer waste effort on unpromising leads. You can devote your calls and meetings to engaging the people who count and making pitches that sell.

How IndustrySelect Supercharges ABM

For ABM to work, your sales and marketing teams must focus on the critical decision-makers associated with each account. A subscription to IndustrySelect will provide the tools for ABM. Those tools will give you the power to rapidly and efficiently forge deal-sealing relationships.

An IndustrySelect profile will provide you with a wide range of insights & data to work with, including: 

● Names of empowered executive prospects.
● Prospect's titles.
● Prospect's functions.
● Direct executive email addresses
● Comprehensive company information.
● Business descriptions.
● Business classifications.
● Brand names.
● SIC codes.
● NAICs codes.
● Parent company contacts.
● Intent data insights
● Related news articles.
● Potential competitors.
● Company family tree.

To get the full picture, see a sample profile here

Why Do You Need all This Data?

Your experience will tell you that some accounts yield much higher value than others. Contact data may get you in the door or at least a response to your email. However, it won't tell you if a company can fund a sale or even truly needs your product. Before you pull out the company credit card for lunches or spend hours on proposals, you must know if you can address a prospect's pain points.

You also need to know if, regardless of how impressed they are with your product or service, your prospects can afford to purchase it. A news story suggesting that a parent company plans to dump a subsidiary or that a prospect may be on the road to bankruptcy can redirect your efforts toward a more fruitful target.

By being aware of a company's competitors, you can add urgency to your presentations. You'll also have alternative targets if a sale doesn't pan out. You may find a company family tree particularly useful in understanding business relationships and picking your targets. The more you know about a company and its position in the marketplace, the better equipped you are to address its needs.

How About Other Data-Gathering Methods?

Can you web surf your way to effective ABM? At first blush, that method may seem promising. Still, have you ever tried to find a phone number on Google? Chances are you got several, all of which were outdated. Sifting through search engine hits can be tedious at best and worthless at worst.

Some companies opt to use a process known as web scraping. It employs algorithms to obtain massive amounts of data from websites. Depending on the source of the scraper, it may offer the data in a structured form. However, while this option may yield quantity, the quality is questionable. For many companies, a website is a sales tool, putting its best foot forward.

Executives don't post direct emails. Often, the only contact information that appears is for sales. Large corporations often post global information rather than data on the individual domestic facilities that would be your targets. That deluge isn't what you need. What you do need is the discernment of a human research team that ensures your information is current, accurate and applicable to sales and marketing. That is precisely what a subscription to IndustrySelect offers.

How did IndustrySelect Make ABM work?

If you've spent time in big and even not-so-big cities, you know that homelessness is a huge problem. Unfortunately, this is especially true for 1.4 million veterans. When the nonprofit organization Operation Tiny Home reached out to IndustrySelect's parent company, MNI, to help these heroes, IndustrySelect was proud to respond. Tiny Home used an IndustrySelect profile to locate and research a major donor. Through IndustrySelect, it was also able to find potential donors it never knew existed.

Can IndustrySelect Energize Your ABM?

Can you use IndustrySelect's tools for ABM to unearth hidden prospects? Set up your free demo account today, loaded with 800 free company profiles, and discover the accounts you've been missing.

Want to keep up with the latest sales and marketing trends and exclusive industrial statistics from MNI? The free weekly IndustrySelect Insider email is the industry's top source for sales, marketing and industrial news you can't find anywhere else. Subscribe here.

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