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10 Fastest-Growing Construction Machinery Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, June 24, 2019

100016_constructionThe landscape of the manufacturing industry is constantly growing and changing - a statement that rings truer than ever in the wake of Industry 4.0. Currently, the U.S. construction industry is projected to reach $808 billion in 2019, only a 3% increase over the industry's 2018 value of $808 billion.

Whether or not this flatlining will be followed by deceleration or by a period of stability is yet to be seen, leaving various construction companies vying for success.

According to our data, 8% of construction equipment manufacturers are reporting employment increases, while 3% are reporting employment decline.

In line with national projections for the construction industry as a whole, 3% of construction equipment manufacturers are reporting sales growth, and 1% are reporting a decline in sales. Due to this shifting, companies in the manufacturing industry come and go constantly, making it difficult to keep track of which companies are succeeding and which are falling by the wayside.

This article will cover the 10 largest and fastest growing companies in the construction equipment manufacturing industry so that you can keep up with who's on top.

Fastest-Growing Construction Machinery Manufacturers: At-a-Glance

Deere Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp.2,000KernersvilleNC
Caterpillar, Inc.1,500AthensGA
Ditch Witch®1,400PerryOK
McNeilus Truck And Manufacturing, Inc.1,000Dodge CenterMN
Astec, Inc.757ChattanoogaTN
JCB, Inc.600PoolerGA
Columbia Machine, Inc.450VancouverWA
Carter Machinery Co., Inc.400SalemVA
Doosan Bobcat North America360West FargoND
Costex Corp.350MiamiFL
Paccar Winch Inc287Broken ArrowOK


About the Fastest-Growing Construction Machinery Manufacturers

1. Deer Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp.

Deer and Hitachi, as is the case with many of the names on this list, are well-known manufacturers. What makes Deer Hitachi notable is the company's flexibility and sheer range, which allows it to offer equipment for nearly every conceivable use in the construction industry.

In this case, the merging of these American and Japanese companies has created a genuinely remarkable manufacturer. At last count, there were 2,000 employees on-site at the Deer Hitachi headquarters in Kernersville, NC.

2. Caterpillar Inc.

According to our data, Caterpillar and several of its division were among the fastest-growing manufacturers in the U.S., netting the company the second spot on this list.

Caterpillar, an American construction equipment manufacturer that takes care of the entire manufacturing process from design to production to use and insurance, has long been a staple of the construction equipment manufacturing industry.
The company is still going strong today, particularly in its diesel and natural gas engine offerings, as well as its diesel-electric locomotives and industrial gas turbines.

Caterpillar Inc. currently has 1,500 employees on-site at its Athens, GA headquarters.

3. Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch is known for providing heavy driving machinery of remarkable quality. Ditch Witch's strong position in the rapidly growing rental market has made the company a standout in the manufacturing industry, spurring their growth.

At its base in Perry, OK there are 1,400 employees.

4. McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc.

For almost 50 years, McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Inc. has been a staunch industry leader when it comes to providing heavy drivable construction trucks. From cement mixers to garbage trucks, McNeilus has cemented its place in the U.S. manufacturing market and continues to grow.
At Dodge Center, MN, McNeilus has 1,000 employees.

5. Astec, Inc.

Astec specializes in providing hot-mix asphalt plants, wood pellet plants, and soil remediation plants. As developing countries increasingly need the services and products that Astec specializes in producing, the company has seen notable continued growth.

There are 757 Astec employees on-site in Chattanooga, TN.

6. JCB, Inc.

JCB Inc. has been manufacturing heavy equipment for over 70 years, and that track record has spurred the company on to continued growth over time.

A household name that's a manufacturing titan in not only the U.S. but also worldwide, JCB shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Currently, JCB has 600 employees on-site in Pooler, GA.

7. Columbia Machine, Inc.

If there were a world leader in the design, manufacturing and support of concrete batchers, mixers and molds, Columbia would be it.

This company has made a name for itself specializing in one niche and filling that role well, leading to continued sustained growth for Columbia over recent years.

Columbia currently employs 450 workers at its Vancouver, WA headquarters.

8. Weiler

Weiler specializes in providing solutions for cleaning, grinding, cutting, de-burring and finishing metal projects.

Similar to Columbia, Weiler fills a niche and fills it well, a factor that has led to the company's sustained growth. Weiler has 420 employees on-site in Knoxville, IA.

9. Carter Machinery Co., Inc.

Carter - perhaps more famously known by the ‘CAT' it fashions its machines with - has always been a standout construction equipment manufacturer and that's still true today.

Similar to Ditch Witch, Carter's high-quality drivable heavy equipment and strong position in the rental market has led to the company's continued success and growth over the years.

There are 400 Carter employees currently stationed in Salem, VA.

10. Doosan Bobcat North America

Manufacturers of the infamous Bobcat drivable heavy machinery, Doosan rounds out this list. Bobcat machines have a reputation for being scrappy and functioning in conditions others wouldn't, and that reputation has held up over time.

Due to its brand image and the quality of its products, Doosan is still growing as a manufacturer, rounding out this list of the top ten fastest growing construction equipment manufacturers in the U.S. at number 10. Doosan houses its 360 employees in West Fargo, ND.

Contacting U.S. Construction Equipment Manufacturers

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