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The Fastest-Growing U.S. Manufacturers of Motor Vehicle Parts

Posted by IndustrySelect on Friday, June 14, 2019

100013_Ford_RoguefacroetWith nearly 270 million vehicles registered in the United States, all of them needing a part in their lifetimes if they are not totalled driving off the sales lot, the motor vehicle parts industry is a vital industry.

Changes are constant, not only because of modifications made for each model year, but for the underlying technology and materials.

With a trade war disrupting supplies and foreign companies opting to create localized manufacturing facilities, growth has been strong in the auto parts industry despite indicators that the opposite would be true.

Let's look at the nine fastest-growing* motor vehicle parts companies in the United States today, according to IndustrySelect's hand-verified data:

General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly

Boasting 4,300 employees and adding more every day, the GM facility is responsible for producing full-size trucks. It sits on 716 acres and consists of more than 3 million square feet of advanced assembly space.

Fort Wayne Assembly contributes almost $73 million in income taxes and pays more than $348 million in state wages, making it a major part of the Indiana's economy.

It co-generates 30% of its power requirements by using landfill gas to reduce its emissions footprint.

ZF Transmissions Gray Court, LLC

Located in Gray Court, SC, it's ZF's largest facility in the United States. Its flagship product is the 9HP nine-speed automatic transmission for passenger vehicles. The revolutionary transmission is capable of saving up to 16% percent of fuel burned compared with to similar six-speed variants.

Annually, the 2,800 employees at this location produce more than 1 million transmissions a year.

Autoliv ASP, Inc. (Module facility)

Odgen, Utah is home to this branch of the Swedish automotive-safety company. Chances are you have at least three Autoliv products in your car.

Every year, its products save more than 30,000 lives and prevent well-over 300,000 injuries, because it manufactures airbag modules, a critical component of all modern vehicles.

DENSO Mfg., Athens, TN

Manufacturing a variety of components from starters and alternators to hybrid inverters, this branch of the DENSO Corporation uses four separate plants encompassing 2.3 million square feet.

With 1,500 employees, the facility is well-positioned for the coming electric revolution in automotive technology.

Ventra Ionia, LLC

Around 1,400 people participate in creating bumpers, trailer hitches and chrome-plated plastics. The parts are stamped, welded and molded into the proper shapes and dimensions.

Dee Zee, Inc.

Truck and jeep accessories are the mainstay of this Des Moines, IA company. Its engineers constantly design new and useful types of custom add-ons and original equiment manufacturer products.

They include brush guards, mud flaps, running boards, bed accessories, transfer tanks and nerf bars.

Draexlmaier Automotive of America

Interior, electrical and electronic solutions have made Draexlmaier into a trusted industry supplier.

Its vast experience in electrical systems and wiring harnesses has positioned it to be a key player in upcoming electric mobility integrations.

Yanfeng U.S. Automotive Interior Systems, LLC

Yanfeng dominates the automotive interior market. The U.S. branch in Fountain Inn, SC is one of its 110 manufacturing and technical centers worldwide.

Cockpit systems and displays, door panels and floor consoles undergo continuous engineering and development to ensure that drivers and passengers experience comfort and safety.

Magna International of America, Inc.

Founded in 1957, Magna International is the largest automotive parts manufacturer in North America. The company has received several awards for its innovative ideas and products.

Examples are the BlindZone Outside Mirror and PureView seamless sliding window. In addition to its own projects, it works with major manufacturers on proof-of-concept vehicles.

In 2011, it supplied the electric drivetrain for Ford's first all-electric vehicle, the Focus Electric. More recently, it partnered with Lyft to produce self-driving conversion kits for conventional cars.

*Companies reporting growth to IndustrySelect, ranked by number of employees on site

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