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As U.S. Manufacturing Companies Reopen, Many Seek Industrial Cleaning Services

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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As the progression of COVID-19 slows down, more than 30 states are looking into reopening their economy progressively. However, reopening will create a unique set of challenges for businesses that need to keep employees safe and keep up with official guidelines and regulations that might change in the near future.

As such, cleaning is going to be a top priority. If you offer janitorial or sanitizing services or provide sanitizing products, the U.S. manufacturing sector is an industry to focus on.

Some plants have remained open since the beginning of the global pandemic due to their essential status while other facilities are in the process of reopening and will look to make up for missed opportunities by ramping up production.

As a janitorial or industrial cleaning and sanitizing provider, now is a crucial time to be contacting manufacturing companies to extend in both the services you offer and the customer base you market to as more businesses reopen.

A good way to start is to research reliable, accurate lead sources for contacting manufacturers. IndustrySelect provides instant access to contact information for 400,000 U.S. manufacturers, including direct executive email addresses. Data is updated on a live 24/7 basis by a team of 80 researchers, so you're always working with current data. 

The Need for Deep Cleaning

The CDC has issued official guidelines for cleaning facilities to help combat the spread of COVID-19. Here is a quick summary of these guidelines:

• The CDC recommends disinfecting facilities daily with bleach or alcohol.
• Cleaning high-touch objects and surfaces should be emphasized.
• If an employee is sick, the areas where they work should be closed off immediately.
• After waiting 24 hours, if possible, the areas where the sick employee worked should be deep cleaned.

Some manufacturers will probably want to schedule a deep cleaning of their facilities before reopening as a safety measure, and they will likely increase the frequency and scope of cleaning services used going forward.

Pursuing New Opportunities

Manufacturers are going to encounter new challenges as they reopen. They need to figure out a way to disinfect facilities daily, keep employees safe and potentially deep clean specific areas on short notice while minimizing disruption to their operations.

You can pursue new business opportunities by expanding the services you currently offer or launching a new marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of your services and expertise in the context of the new challenges manufacturers are facing.

Advertising on an industrial marketplace IndustryNet can put your company front and center to millions of industrial buyers that search the site for needed products and services.

You can prepare for these new challenges by providing specialized training for disinfecting and deep cleaning for your employees.

The CDC has issued official guidelines for using personal protective equipment (PPE) and for providing training about PPE. Additionally, you should follow OSHA's standards for handling bloodborne pathogens. A training refresher on these topics will increase the safety of your employees.

Furthermore, you should also look into investing in more PPE for your cleaning staff, and make sure the products you use are one of the disinfectants approved by the EPA.

Deep-Cleaning Services and Strategic Planning

The CDC currently recommends that businesses establish a plan to lower transmission risks and keep employees safe.

You should shift your marketing and outreach efforts to demonstrate how your cleaning services can fit into the plans manufacturers and other businesses are going to be developing.

Reach out to existing clients and find out whether they currently have a plan for reopening. Explain how you can help them follow CDC guidelines, and answer their questions about the products and cleaning methods you use and how effective they are against COVID-19.

You should also identify new opportunities and reach out to essential manufacturers and facilities that will likely reopen soon. Focus on educating potential clients about how your services align with CDC recommendations, and highlight the benefits of your services in the context of the new challenges they're facing.

You can emphasize the latest research about COVID-19 and explain how your expertise will be beneficial in keeping their employees safe.

Flexibility is going to be a crucial selling point. Needs might change rapidly once businesses start reopening, and they can be difficult to assess for the time being.

Additionally, manufacturers know that they could need emergency deep-cleaning services on short notice if an employee tests positive.

Rethink your offering to be more flexible and prioritize this type of emergency deep-cleaning service.

As a janitorial and cleaning professional, your experience and expertise put you in a unique position to become an essential partner that helps create a safe working environment as manufacturers and other businesses reopen.

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