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In an Uncertain Economy, There's Only One Answer: Outsourced Sales Prospecting

Posted by SalesLeads, Inc. on Tuesday, June 13, 2023

 The Benefits of Outsourced Prospecting

As the economy continues to show signs of slowing down, companies rely on two solutions to get through the economic hard times: reduce employee headcount and/or find a way to increase sales. This means sales teams will work on high priority prospect opportunities that are already in the sales funnel to close deals. How long will that take before the funnel shows signs of weakness? Can marketing produce enough qualified sales leads at your ideal accounts to be placed into the funnel for the entire sales team? What can be done to help support one or both teams?

Answering the Tough Questions

These are complex questions, and probably not the first time companies are answering asking them. But one aspect that sales and marketing can quickly identify is the need for qualified sales leads with scheduled meetings for your reps..

As companies are uncertain if outsourcing prospecting services, a critical part of their business, is the right decision for their sales team and business, they will need to assess 3 key areas for consideration.

1. Resources: Determine if your sales team possesses the skills of outbound calling. Not everyone can be both a ‘hunter’ and ‘farmer’. In your team, identify those with hunter skills and those with farmer skills. If you don’t have sales reps on your team that consistently hunt for new opportunities, then you know your answer.

2. Expanding the Territory or Market: Expansions can be critical to uncovering new sales opportunities, but it can take time, patience and the tenacity to grow an area or a new market segment. Will that person or team have the time or the experience to grow a new territory or market?

3. Budget Constraints: Some companies are not ready to add more employees or even a single employee. Even if a person is hired, remember you’ll need to factor in training and a ramp-up period before the employee produces results, as well as benefits, tools, data, and management bandwidth. Many times, with outsourced prospecting services that specializes in the manufacturing space such as Industrial SalesLeads, the learning curve is minimal and results (appointment setting) starts much faster.

Here is a great quote from Ryan Khan. “Master Your Strengths. Outsource Your Weaknesses.” Do your answers match the quote?

 Copy-of-uncertain-economy (1)

Sales Prospecting Services

When considering sales prospecting services from SalesLeads, we understand the risk you believe you are taking with outsourcing an important part of your business. Know that we come from the manufacturing industry, and understand how it works so data and processes can be opmized. We believe it’s a mandatory element for consideration. Otherwise, how do you get through the gatekeeper or create the need when speaking to the influencer or or decision maker. Let’s take you through some of the pertinent aspects for uncovering, qualifying and generating quality meetings for your team.

● We work together to refine your ICP (ideal customer profile).
● We assemble the playbook and elements necessary to create a successful lead generation engine.
● We utilize MNI as a key list provider. If you already have a subscription, great! Let’s put it to work. If not, you’ll quickly realize the quality, accuracy and importance of the information.
● Next, we utilize various channels to reach out to your ICP to connect. This will include phone calls, social media, email and other communication avenues.
● Some prospects will be ready faster than others. As we nurture the prospects, some will come in right away, and some will take more time. Either way, your company name will stay top of mind to your ICPs.
● Finally, those that are ready to enter the sales cycle, and committed to taking your meeting, that’s when we’ll hand the sales leads off to you.

Now it’s your sales team’s time to shine. Present your products and services and begin to take these new qualified prospects through your selling process to close. SalesLeads will continuously fill the funnel so your sales team can do what they do best. Close deals. If you find that you have constrained resources, a tight budget and/or you need to build up territories, then you’re ready to begin outsourcing with SalesLeads’ prospecting services. Let’s get started.


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