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8 Fastest-Growing Plastics Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Monday, September 9, 2019



Looking to do business with U.S. plastics manufacturers? Last week we took a closer look at the industry, providing some useful facts for B2B marketing and sales executives when it comes to doing business with this unique market.

You can read about that here. Today we're taking a look at some of the top manufacturers in the industry to give you a complete picture of where the industry stands.

As the world's population continues to increase and the urbanization of developed countries accelerates, industries that rely on materials used in day-to-day goods can only see continued growth. One such industry is plastics.

In 2017, the global plastics market was valued at $522.66 billion. Current projections expect a 4% annual growth rate for the industry globally through 2025, with plastic packaging accounting for about 35% of annual revenue.

In the United States, the plastics industry alone contributes $375 billion to the economy, making it a significant contributor to the U.S. and global economies as a whole. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. plastics industry employs more than a million people.

Despite the recent trade wars and an expected global recession that's likely have a negative effect on the United States in 2020, the U.S. plastics market maintains a strong outlook.

Top U.S. Plastics Manufacturers

Here are the eight fastest-growing U.S. plastics manufacturers, ranked by number of employees.

Continental Structural Plastics, Inc.3,500CareyOH
Nifco America Corp.1,100Canal WinchesterOH
Sixarp LLC - Praxis Packaging Solutions1,000Grand RapidsMI
All Service Plastic Molding, Inc.650VandaliaOH
Continental Structural Plastics, Inc.600North BaltimoreOH
Ply Gem Windows500AuburnWA
Bemis Co., Inc.500OshkoshWI
Centro, Inc.450North LibertyIA
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.450MaconGA

About the Top U.S. Plastics Manufacturers

1: Continental Structural Plastics, Inc.

Continental Structural Plastics's Carey, OH plant is the fastest-growing in the U.S., with 3,500 employees on site.

The company specializes in manufacturing light-weight fiberglass implements for the automotive and transport industries. Continental's rigid adherence to quality standards makes it one of the premiere plastics manufacturers.

2: Nifco America Corp.

Nifco's Nappannee, Ind., plant has 1,100 employees at its Canal Winchester, OH site. It's a general plastics manufacturer that exports globally and specializes in making plastic fasteners for commercial and residential uses.

3: Sixarp LLC. - Praxis Packaging Solutions

Sixarp's Grand Rapids, MI plant recently expanded to 1,000 employees. A subsidiary of Praxis Packaging, Sixarp specializes in plastic packaging, one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the plastics industry.

From business card packaging to general use plastic wrap, Sixarp does it all.

4: All Service Plastic Molding, Inc.

All Service Plastic Molding has 650 employees at its Vandalia,OH., plant where it focuses on the automotive and consumer appliance industries, molding simple and complex parts for automobiles and appliances.

5: Continental Structural Plastics, Inc.

Continental Structural Plastics, Inc. makes another appearance on the list, this time for its North Baltimore, OH, plant that houses 600 employees. The company's two spots on this list indicate its rapid growth, confirming its position as the leading plastics manufacturer in the U.S., based on number of employees.

6: Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem Windows employs 500 workers at its Auburn, WA plant. Ply Gem specializes in windows and doors, offering thousands of styles to customers, including options such as vinyl plastic framing for windows and doors.

7: Bemis Co., Inc.

Bemis houses 500 employees at its Oshkosh, WI location. It's another plastic-packaging organization, notable for its focus on the consumer and pharmaceutical industries.

8: Centro, Inc.

Centrohas acquired 450 employees for its North LIberty, IA plant. The organization focuses on plastics molding and primarily serves the agricultural, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Doing business with U.S. plastics manufacturers

Looking to reach out to plastics manufacturers? An IndustrySelect subscription can put you on a first-name basis with the nation's thousands of plastics companies. Subscribers can select up to 30 data points on any manufacturing company in the U.S.  to help identify or pre-qualify leads. Company profiles also include the contact information for hard-to-find executive decision-makers.Try a free demo today!



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