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5 Fastest-Growing U.S. Farm Equipment Manufacturers

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

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Looking to do business with U.S. farm equipment manufacturers?

Last week we took a closer look at the industry, providing some useful facts for B2B marketing and sales executives when it comes to dealing with the farm machinery industry. You can read about that here. Today we're taking a look at some of the top manufacturers in the industry to give you a complete picture of industry strongholds

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Producing products ranging from tractors to livestock supplies, this industry is critical to both domestic and international trade.

This industry commands a sizable portion of the national economy. Last year there was $109 billion in sales across 1,574 companies. While sales have remained flat compared to the previous year, this is actually better than some predictions. Slated to be hurt by tariffs with China, the farm machinery sector has held its own and even started a slight recovery.

This is possibly due to a ceasefire in the trade war and the switching of certain tariffs to other products. The relatively large percentage of international distribution, 40%, is another reason that foreign trade is so impactful in this market sector.

Fastest-Growing U.S. Farm Machinery Manufacturers

Ariens Co.1,000BrillionWI
Great Plains Mfg., Inc.500SalinaKS
Henderson Products, Inc.420ManchesterIA
John Deere Seeding Group350Valley CityND
Venture Products, Inc.300OrrvilleOH
CNH Reman, LLC270SpringfieldMO
Hog Slat, Inc.270Newton GroveNC
Sunshine Quality Solutions265DonaldsonvilleLA

About the Fastest-Growing Farm Machinery Manufacturers

Here are some interesting facts on some of the fastest-growing farm equipment manufacturers 

Ariens Co.

It all began with a rototiller in 1933. Today, Ariens employs 1,000 people at their Brillion, Wisconsin, headquarters.

Ariens provides customers a full line of riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, snow blowers and log splitters.

Great Plains Mfg.

A leader in agricultural implements for seeding, planting and tillage, this company employs 500 people at its headquarters in Salina, Kansas. They are also recognized as a leader in vertical tillage and rotary cutters.

Henderson Products

With local, municipal, township and state level governments as customers, Henderson Products is the North American leader in heavy-duty work trucks for snow and ice removal.

Their 175,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Manchester, Iowa, employs 420 people and produces both trucks and accessories.

John Deere Seeding Group

This segment of John Deere builds and distributes seeding equipment for farms. Their air and box drills can quickly seed acres of land accurately and efficiently.

Technological advances include wireless remote operation and SectionCommand digital optimizer.

Hog Slat

Started by Billy Herring back in 1969, Hog Slat has grown from one man's solution to a nursery flooring problem to the largest producer of hog farming equipment in the United States.

Their product line includes feed delivery systems, climate controls, loading chutes, floor slats and drinking systems.

Finding Your Best Customers in the Farm Equipment Industry

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