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Pennsylvania's Largest Manufacturers & Key Industrial Facts

Posted by IndustrySelect on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

industrial park and a factory with smoke stacks and large plumes of smoke

For those looking to do business with Pennsylvania manufacturers, it helps to have a solid grasp of the state’s manufacturing climate, particularly in these fast-changing times.

Today we’re focusing on some key insights on Pennsylvania’s manufacturing sector and providing a look at the state’s top companies.

Key Facts on Pennsylvania Manufacturing Companies

According to industrial data provider MNI, Pennsylvania is currently home to 14,484 manufacturers employing 756,747 workers. MNI reports there are 54,670 executive contacts among Pennsylvania’s industrial companies, including 8,533 presidents, 4,668 owners and partners; 5,059 vice-presidents and 5,966 sales, marketing and purchasing executives.

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3% percent of Pennsylvania’s manufacturing companies are women-owned, according to MNI. This is slightly ahead of the U.S. as a whole, with 2% of manufacturers owned by women.

Other facts to know about Pennsylvania manufacturers, based on advanced criteria available to IndustrySelect subscribers:

• 8% are publicly owned companies
• 13% import raw materials
• 26% distribute their products internationally

Industrial machinery ranks as the state’s top manufacturing sector by number of jobs, accounting for 89,570 workers. Food processing is also a major industry in the state, accounting for 87,263 jobs. Other top industries in Pennsylvania include fabricated metals; chemicals; plastics/rubber and electronics.

Philadelphia is the state’s largest industrial city home to 688 manufacturers and 33,045 workers. Pittsburg is a close second with 627 factories employing 32,290. Other top cities in Pennsylvania include York, Erie, Lancaster, Allentown and Reading.

Pennsylvania’s top manufacturers are representative of the state’s robust and varied industrial economy, home to key players in the defense, pharmaceutical and steel industries. Next, we’ll take a look at the state’s largest companies, measured by number of employees on site.

List of the 10 Largest Manufacturers in Pennsylvania

Merck & Co., Inc.9,500West PointPA
East Penn Mfg. Co.7,000Lyon StationPA
Boeing Defense, Space & Security5,200Ridley ParkPA
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.3,500AllentownPA
Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.3,500MalvernPA
Westinghouse Electric Co., LLC3,400Cranberry TownshipPA
SEI Investments Co.3,300OaksPA
Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.3,000SwiftwaterPA
SAP America, Inc.3,000Newtown SquarePA
U. S. Steel Corp., Mon Valley Works2,800West MifflinPA
Allan Myers, Inc.2,000WorcesterPA

About the 10 Largest Manufacturers in Pennsylvania

1. Merck & Co., Inc. (West Point, PA)

Pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co.’s sprawling West Point, PA plant is home to 9,500 employees – the company’s largest manufacturing site. Workers and researchers there make and test pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biological products.

2. East Penn Mfg. Co. (Lyon Station, PA)

East Penn Mfg Co. is the second-largest manufacturing company in the state of Pennsylvania. This family-owned company employs 7,000 at its Lyon Station facility where it produces all types of batteries and related accessories for the automotive, marine, commercial and industrial markets.

3. Boeing Defense, Space and Security (Ridley Park, PA)

This massive Boeing campus in Ridley Park employs 5,200 workers, making it the state’s third-largest industrial facility. The company produces helicopters at this three million square foot facility, including the Chinook, Sea Knight, V-22 Osprey, and R A H Comanche.

4. Siemens Healthineers, Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. (Malvern, PA)

5,000 employees work at this Siemens facility in Malvern where they develop healthcare information software.

5. Air Products & Chemicals, Inc. (Allentown, PA)

Air Products & Chemicals produces industrial gases, equipment and intermediate chemicals and operates internationally, with facilities in 50 countries and employing 17,000 worldwide. 3,500 work at the Allentown site, which serves as the company’s headquarters.

6. Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Malvern, PA)

This Malvern site serves as Endo Pharmaceutical’s U.S. headquarters, home to 3,500. Endo Pharmaceuticals produces a wide range of pharmaceuticals, including Percocet®; Percodan and Lidoderm.

7. Westinghouse Electric Co., LLC (Cranberry Township)

Coming in at seventh place is Westinghouse Electric’s Cranberry Township plant, where their 3,400 employees produce instrumentation and control systems for nuclear power plants.

Westinghouse prides itself on its innovation and dedication to leading the nuclear industry.

8. Sanofi Pasteur (Swiftwater, PA)

Sanofi Pasteur is the vaccine wing of pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, home to 3,000 employees. The company produces vaccines and biological products at this 350,000 square foot plant, including influenza vaccines.

Like many other vaccine makers, the company is active in pursuing vaccines, test and treatments for the COVID-19 virus.

9. U. S. Steel Corp., Mon Valley Works (West Mifflin)

A major steelmaking operation, this U.S. Steel site in the Pittsburgh suburb of West Mifflin employs 2,800. In 2019, the company announce it would be investing one billion dollars in the facility to construct a new casting and rolling operation, expected to be up and running by 2022.

U.S. Steel is among the nation’s oldest manufacturers, established in 1901 with Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan among its founders. The Mon Valley Works site was founded in 1937.

10. Allan Myers, Inc. (Worcester, PA)

Allan Myers is a major construction industry supplier, providing construction aggregates, including stone, limestone, and asphalt mixtures.

Established in 1939, Allan Meyers, Inc. started out as a father- and-son team who sold six of their dairy cows during the Great Depression to fund the down payment on their first piece of equipment: a 1939 Ford dump truck.

Today, 2,000 employees report to work at its Worcester facility.

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Editor's Note: This article was original published in July 2020. It has been updated to reflect new statistics and trends. 

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