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IndustrySelect is the ultimate industrial sales tool for prospecting, sales, marketing, business development, and recruiting.

Comprehensive profiles of nearly a half million industrial businesses and one million executive contacts.

Check  Identify your best prospects by company location, industry, and size
Check  View complete company profiles with executive names, titles, and emails
Check  Get instant counts, build and save lists of companies and contacts
Check  Export profiles to your CRM or for mailing, telemarketing, and email campaigns
Check  Locate top executives by name & title and sync with your address book
Check  Collaborate with your sales team, share notes & information, generate reports
Check  See parent company and headquarters relationships with family tree view
Check  Discover a company's key competitors to maximize sales opportunities
Check  Uncover hidden sales opportunities using our exclusive Intent Data
Check  Clone your best customers and find thousands more like them with Customer Match
Check  Choose subscriptions from multiple versions to fit your needs & budget
Check  Access your subscriptions in any browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone
Check  Business databases available for the Manufacturing, Energy, and Cannabis industries

IndustrySelect (formerly EZ Select) is a service of MNI, the industrial data source since 1912.

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Industry's leading data solution for prospecting, sales, marketing, business development, and recruiting

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